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  1. You really are clueless! End of story. Everyone who reads these forums knows about your rants against LL, against TPV's and how they are all shady when in reality that is the furthest from the truth! Emerald was used in a DDoS attack. No one is denying that. Plus it happened 2-3 years ago, maybe more? That incident alone CHANGED the way LL has looked at TPV's. If you really think that someone is going to insert malicious code these days for a repeat of Emerald you are sadly mistaken. You were hacked, who cares. I don't and I'm quite sure no one else does here either. You learned your lesson. This is NOT CAUSE for a re-hash of old topics to show how you think everyone is vulnerable. First it was you being hacked, Second it was the media player. Thirdly it is Redzone. Fourth is now copybot viewers. I ask you one simple question. Do you think anyone really cares what you have to say when you have been biased and prejudicial towards just about every TPV and LL in these forums? Edited for grammar and spelling.
  2. Same old babble, same tiring excuses...all from the same resident. ETA: I am NOT CLICKING on the img link. JPG's and PNG's can have code put into them, and this person may have them coded to steal information about my computer. <----This is what we have come to expect from the OP, just sayin'. This is our resident crybaby and complainer who bitches about everything. Perhaps they are going to need some cheese? If you go to an illegitimate site and use a crappy viewer like that, then of course your account will be compromised. DUH!!! COMMON SENSE! Now please stop posting about it. We are tired of the same old BS from you! ETA: GothGirl, if you are so worried about your personal information and such...may I suggest that you turn off your computer, unplug it from the wall, then smash it to pieces. While you are at it, cut up your bank and credit cards too and only use cash.
  3. Bandwidth doesn't matter. You can set it for 10,000kbps if you want. Here is the real truth though. Linden Lab servers only run maximum 1500kpbs. So no matter what your viewer is set at, you will not get more than 1500.
  4. It is up to the land owners to make sure rezzing is off, script use for group only(I am not a big fan of open enrollment), etc etc etc. LL cannot monitor regions 24/7/365
  5. I wouldn't worry too much about it. Group might have been shut down and everyone was ejected. No point in worrying over this. Many more photography groups to join.
  6. I heard about this. I won't name companies but the lady who "owned" this rental company was more concerned with taking her items back instead of dealing with irate customers. I also know who they were leasing from. This company didn't pay the tier since November. Quite shocking when you have regions full of people but yet you do not pay the tier associated. This definitely sounds like a fraudulent scam, a get rich quick scheme. LL probably won't do a damn thing sadly. LL should hold these land companies accountable as they are real life companies. The owners do pay taxes on their income that they make.
  7. No you do not. As long as you are 18+, you should be able to change search options to G, M, and A under the Preferences, General area.
  8. Full perm hairstyles? More than likely copybotted. I would delete the entire thing this "someone" sent you.
  9. Do you ever have anything positive to say? All your posts are bitches and rants about arrogant sim owners, being griefed or copybotted, how LL is messing this/that up, or how rude people are. Let's not forget Redzone. You really should take the advice many parents say to their children..."If you don't have anything nice to say, do not say it at all."
  10. Birth Nivaro Egoisme I would not recommend Badazz as those skins are body builder steroid infused and look absolutely horrible!
  11. There is a huge list of movies that I have cried to. It seems as I get older, the more emotions pour out of me. Inspirational stories do this as well. There are just too many movies/stories to name. Oh, I'm male too. It takes a grown man to cry
  12. Here is a program that you can use. It is text based only. This program will run on PC/Mac/Linux Slite Chat
  13. I believe it is your mesh. I've had jeans that caused "eye bulge" and it was traced back to the "bone structure" in the mesh of the jeans. I would start looking there and see if you can notice any irregularities.
  14. ATI sucks...but what do you expect from AMD >-> Sure they may have the latest update in OpenGL drivers themselves but ATI cards render SL pathetically. I always suggest Nvidia to anyone that is using SL. Get the most bang for your buck. I upgraded to a GTX 650ti recently. This latest Firestorm update saw my framerates go from an average of 60 to 85-90 on a near constant basis. By the way...anyone with a decent hand in technology as you state you have greek should already know how bad ATI sucks.
  15. Folders. Having to unpack things can be a pain in the butt. Since the Marketplace is now all on direct delivery the need for boxing items has been eliminated.
  16. Actually, LL can't police the entire world so they leave it up to the residents to police ourselves. Sorry, but this child avatar was reported, the person who they were with was reported and LL will deal with the situation as they see fit.
  17. I will never be told of what action LL is going to take against the offenders. Linden Lab does not release this kind of information to the general public. They have even yanked their page to where you could see what infractions they acted upon.
  18. I said this avatar looked like they were 7 years old. Profile of this individual stated no age, but they do infact own a kid sim. Did you know that you can easily disable camera restraints on Singularity? Basically you can cam an entire sim. Of course you cannot peek into parcels that have parcel privacy enabled. I CANNOT name names on this forum of said people involved in this. They were using Devpose BDSM equipment with sex animations in it, even if they were not being used. This clearly goes against the ToS/CS and as such, said avatars were abuse reported. Now you can see why most people have a thing against child avatars. There is very little common sense from the adults behind them. Just because you are over 18 in real life does not make it legit to do this kind of behavior.
  19. Open the land properties and choose objects. You can highlight your name and return all said objects. This will clear all the objects with your name, not just the house.
  20. I am against all child slavery to begin with, so you asking that is kind of a moot point to make. I asked for clarity regarding the BDSM furniture in itself towards child like avatars, plain and simple.
  21. To make it clear for everyone: 1. Said child avatar owns a popular kid sim. This person has the face of a 7 year old. 2. BDSM furniture was from Deviant Designs. When I went and looked, everything in that store...racks, whipping post, throne, tables...all included a sexual menu. By the postings that I have read...because this furniture has sexual poseballs in it...it is a breach of the CS. More than likely this child avatar was well over 18 in real life. That does not mean just because they are over 18 that they can do the hell whatever.
  22. I wasn't asking about sex, thank you very much. I am asking about child slavery and BDSM...as in most countries this is highly illegal.
  23. Is this allowed under the CS/ToS? I have witnessed a child avatar, as this is the owner of a widely known kid sim, being leashed and tied up in BDSM furniture. I have gotten conflicting information from people saying it is allowed because it is not in the CS/ToS, and then on the other side of the fence saying it is not allowed. Can anyone provide feedback?
  24. In your inventory should be a "Merchant Outbox" folder. There is no need for boxed items this way as well. I am not a merchant...but I believe if you drop in folders of your items, refresh your Marketplace store and it should show up as being not listed.
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