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  1. Anybody knows a good Urban or Fantasy RP Sim? Everywhere I go usually they are empty or people don't know how to rp I just joined a fantasy sim but meh, it's like candy land with ugly unicorns
  2. The Naughty Mafia Kingdom is looking for Residents, Fire Fighters, Police Officers, Nurses / Doctors and more This is a 100% Rp area, where reality comes true. Be a crime Lord Be a Drug dealer Be a Police officer Be a Fire Fighter Be a Nurse / Doctor Be a news reporter Also we have different type of facilities such as clubs where you can be a stripper, bouncer, manager ect Open your own pharmacy Open your own unique shop Or just be a resident and be apart of an RP sim which is fun and dangerous at the smae time We use the Ego's Combat System to enhance the role play. Thanks to this wonderful s
  3. Hi My name is TeeCay, and i am looking for a Bouncer/Security job offers. Experiences. .- Managed 3 club - Hosted 2 clubs - And was a bouncer for one club for one year Sadly these closed in time. Please connect me if you have an offer. Thank you TeeCay
  4. Hi guys. I searched the ned and did not really found a solution for my problem. I recently noticed, that stuff I purchased from the market place are gone from the received items, and gone completly from my inveontory. Tested with 3 items, i bought 3 items from the market place, they arrived, but i logged out, re-log back in, and poof gone. Did anybody else experienced this problem? And was able to fix it? Thank you
  5. Hi guys. Sorry if i posted in the wrong section. I tried to log in with 3 different viewers and i cannot log in to second life because i get this message: "unable to connect to simulator", also tried different locations still does not working. Is it just me? Any hint or help? Thank you
  6. Thank you for your opinion @Tamara i do appreciate it I do understand that there is FB, but for some reason when people hear there is a new community or social network site they think it will be an FB clone . Mine not, yes there will be a few features similar like FB for example a like button on photos, and user notifications, thats all actually, i am not reinventing the weal, and a nother fb clone would be pontless. And yes i remeber a similar site like that what you mentioned, the biggest problem with that in my opinion was that it allowed everything, and after a time it was full wi
  7. I love photography & fashion. I was a photographer in SL for a really long time, but sadly i do not have much time to spend in-world, but i don't want to throw the SL fashion and photography behind my back entirely. Back in time i sat down to develop a community site for the SL phhotographers and for the modeling and fashion industry residents, and since i have more time now and i will have for a long time, i thought i will sit back down and finish it. The site would have the following fetures. - Photo sharing: to show your work or collect inspirations, you can like comment and share -
  8. I am just corious. I was able to make the avatar i always vanted, not muscilar, skinny, decent, quite hot if you ask me (lol) What i do not really understand, when females see a skinny avatar, they show fast that they are not interested and mostly "your avi looks like a boy", than if its the same avatar but muscular, than they say "yum yum", but most of them complain its boring that every male is muscular. So what are your opinios about it?
  9. Noya has similar skins https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/68414
  10. Hello everybody I am a teen roleplayer (boy) and looking for a family or single mom or sister. I was a part for a family long time, but sadly RL interupted, and i miss that family aura. If anybody is interested, please send me an IM in world or a message, or if you have any questions
  11. I was a part of a family for a long time, but sadly real life interupted and the family started to fall apart. After this family envoroment disappeared from my SL life i started to miss it. I am looking for SL residents, who are looking for a fater or for a brother to create a new family feeling. Please leave me a message if interested Thank you TeeCay Resident
  12. did not know this can cause any problems, and i should have been more specific i will update the group
  13. I recently downloaded Rainbow Viewer, i kinda like it, but whats odd, i enabled, basic shaders, and hardware skinning, but it doesn't seem to work.
  14. I recently bought my new skin, sadly the store does not contain the actual hair what is show in the preview image, was searching asking, was not able to find. Could someone please help me out where i can find similar hair? Thank you Image here
  15. fixed both, thanks for the feedback
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