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  1. I have done that. I just downloaded the recently released 64 bit version of Singularity. Firestorm is the 32 bit beta. Guess I am going to have to live with this, logging in and out on one viewer. Thanks Phil for trying to help.
  2. I am not using voice at all Phil. Quite baffling to me that I am getting that error message.
  3. First...Linden Lab employees do not have god huds. They have God Mode, which is totally different. Secondly, there is no way a HUD can fry your graphics card or your computer. You want to report abuse to LL though, so click on Help >> Report Abuse from within your viewer.
  4. Dresden Ceriano wrote: Use two instances of Firestorm instead? ...Dres Nope, because that causes all sounds to become mute on first event after you log out the second log in.
  5. Been having a problem lately with Singularity while running Firestorm. I get a window that pops up that says: We're having trouble connecting to your voice server: https://www.bhr.vivox.com/api2:UDP: 3478, 3479, 5060, 5062, 12001- 1700 Voice communications will not be available. Please check your network and firewall setup. This error only appears when running Firestorm(if I log in Singularity by itself, error is not present and viewer functions perfectly). Voice is shut off on both viewers. This window will keep popping up over and over and over and cannot be closed. It is beginning to be a pain in the rear to transfer items between accounts by having to log out....then log in the other, transfer items, log out, and log back in to my main. Anyone have any ideas?
  6. If you want to use those characters you will need permission from the companies that own the copyright. You cannot just on a whim decide to use them.
  7. Must be thesis and survey time again. You really should do this in world as these forums have no where near the amount of people you will run across. /me sighs and walks away
  8. Here is a small list of some skins for men: Entente Egoisme Nivaro Zanzo Fruk The Shops(formerly known as The Body Co) Birth Belleza Tellaq Good luck in your search.
  9. Right click the object in your inventory, then use "add to current outfit" and then you will be wearing both. If you click wear, it will remove anything on that same attachment point.
  10. Randall Ahren wrote: 4) A lack of dignity and common sense. Seems like someone pissed in his Cherrios, and probably a cat hater in real life. Very poor judgment out of an Advisor. Absolutely pathetic!
  11. One thing SL will not support is Crossfire/SLI configurations. You will only be using the 1st graphics card. Just wanted to point that out. Those specs are very capable of running Second Life without issues.
  12. Right click the "Notecards" folder in your inventory, then select new notecard. Provide the information along with what has happened to the creator. Most likely you will need Transaction history, which can be found the second life webpage. Save the notecard then open the profile of said person. Click and hold on the notecard and then drag it to the profile you opened. Once you let go, it will be sent to that person. Just be patient and wait for a reply.
  13. Umm, don't be a **bleep** and try to twist my words around. Takes some low balls to say that. Griefers can cause anything to crash. I guiess i should have said "Under normal operating circumstances, my viewer does not crash." Satisfied now? /me makes a mental note that Locke is a turd.
  14. Never saw anything attach to this avatar because first off I have him blocked because of rudeness. Secondly, this particular avatar has been banned at many regions that I visit for doing the same thing. The crash happened like so: My screen would flicker, and then boom...up came the event log about the OpenGL drivers while Firestorm quit. Griefer then came back to said region under an alt and started blaming someone else, when they were not even on the region to begin with. Also the original griefer was not named, but this avatar who showed up used a specific name. A female avatar later showed up and that avatar started to ridicule and scream at everyone who was on the sim. I was not the only one targeted. Everyone in the region was crashed. This went on for about 10 minutes until they left. So basically, the same person on 3 different accounts was causing all the trouble. I normally do not have ARW values shown. So I would only be speculating there. Makes me wonder why they haven't closed this loophole in the code or why a rez limiter hasn't been intorduced to combat this.
  15. Been dealing with a griefer this morning at one of the places I frequent and they seem to be crashing the OpenGL drivers somehow. It has to be through some huge bundle of rezzed prims but not sure how they are doing that on land that is closed off to rezzing. Anyway to stop this on my side and how are they rezzing on no rez land? ETA: I get this message in my event viewer: "The NVIDIA OpenGL driver lost connection with the display driver due to exceeding the Windows Time-Out limit and is unable to continue."
  16. Like I said...most viewers besides the Offical Viewer are coded to list song and artist from your stream. No shoutcard board needed. I just took this info from Firestorm. Listening to DI Vocal Trance. This is what they will see: [15:48] Now playing: GT vs Project C - Voices Of Trance 092 (December 2012)
  17. I got rid of Adblock Plus 2.2.4 and went with Simple Adblock 1.0.8 which has no annoying whitelists. I can view all SL pages perfectly and best of all...no annoying ads.
  18. Turn off AdBlock +, then refresh the page.
  19. Try disabling HTTP Textures. You can find this under Graphics > Rendering Tab in the Firestorm Preferences. You didn't name the viewer that you use, so i am only taking an educated guess because you said 4.4.0. It has been known for awhile that some computers can run fine with this setting enabled, others hate it and will constantly log you off. ETA: Are you running SL through wireless? It is not recommended to run SL on wireless so try hardwiring to your router and see if things change.
  20. This is going to depend on what viewer you use though with Firestorm it's really simple. Ctrl P > General Tab > Top right corner you should see Pressing letter keys: Put the dot in "affects movement (i.e. WASD)" This should be similar in other viewers as well.
  21. Orca...what's wrong with it is it a hack job of a viewer. Backporting v3 code to keep it running? We all know that eventually it will break on its own when the code can no longer be backported or isn't feasible to do so. I have no problems using Firestorm. I never crash, and I mean never. I run FS in strictly Phoenix mode. I don't have a problem navigating any of the menus, nor are there any unnecessary windows. To judge a viewer based on rezzing alone...that is not a good test actually. Everyone rezzes at different speeds, even with the same video card. I have tried Singularity and to me, personally...it felt like a tweeked Imprudence. Viewers are a personal choice. Going along with that choice is also each user's specific opinions about a viewer. If you find one that works great for you...congrats. When people cry and moan about crashing this/crashing that, it is most likely attributed to their computer or some wacky settings that they choose to use.
  22. That was a general reply to those who wish to use CoolVL or Singularity...which in my opinion are inferior viewers, along with LL's own viewer. When you click the green reply in the lower left, it apparently grabs a name from anyone who replied in this thread. My reply just happened to have your name tagged to it. Don't go getting your panties all in a knot.
  23. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND using Firestorm. Stability is astounding. Firestorm DOES NOT have any v1 code in it. It is all V3 code. CoolVL and Singularity are v1 codebase viewers with hackjobs. Basically it has the newest code that has been backported.. I will not recommend either of those viewers as they will eventually break with code that cannot be adapted. hence their life cycle is still rather short. Firestorm on the other hand has the newest code, and is BY FAR the most popular viewer on SL today.
  24. Open Preferences > Chat > Firestorm Tab > put a check in Deselect Chat after sending Messages and in Autohide Main Chat Bar. This will auto close main chat after each message. You will then need to open the chat bar for each message you wish to send in local.
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