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  1. Your best bet to avoid the possibility of being reported, and since your club is of a sexual nature, you will want to place it on adult land.
  2. It was handed to you for work. If they are going to throw a stink about it, just delete the folder or if it is transferable, drop the folder on the person. Typical scare tactics is all that is.
  3. Nude photos in your profile/picks is not allowed, that is correct. That account was suspended for CS/ToS violation. Secondly if the sim that houses your gallery is Moderate/Mature you are ok as long as the art/pictures not of a sexual nature. If they are of a sexual nature, you will need to move said pictures to an adult region as open sexual things are not allowed on Moderate regions or simply remove them from the gallery. The underage kids, 16/17 year olds are locked to PG/G regions so no worry there. My guess is the G you are seeing is how their preferences are set. G as being able to access G regions only. M being able to access General and Moderate sims. Then you have the A which can access adult with the previous two.
  4. THis will be best brought up to the creator/dev of Nirans.
  5. Home from work and I just can't....believe what I have read. So funny. Maybe I should mention this when I am out with my real life friends tonight? Screw laughing, I am gonna die here cause my gut hurts so much!!! :smileylol::smileylol::smileylol:
  6. LMFAO! This is the best morning. Sucks that I have to go to work now. I will be looking forward to the all the replies when I get home. Have a great day everyone. /me waves
  7. Exactly, within reasons of course. Though I had a spare box that ran Windows 7 64 bit off a single core Pentium D @ 2.2Ghz. Talk about a dinosaur! When my main system took a dump on me a few months ago, I dragged that out and tried to run Firestorm on it. I put up with that disaster for about 30 minutes before I ran and got my current system. Next thing to get upgraded will be a better graphics card. Not that the 520 is bad, I want more power without lagging my system from 50 fps down to under 10 when running shadows, and that is on a quiet sim. Specs here: CPU: Intel® Core i5-2320 CPU @ 3.00GHz (2993.23 MHz) Memory: 8173 MB OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 64-bit Service Pack 1 (Build 7601) Graphics Card Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation Graphics Card: GeForce GT 520/PCIe/SSE2
  8. Orca Flotta wrote: So, Peggy, how did you get the idea he might stilll be on Vista? The fact alone that he's on a i3 proci would rule Vista out. Actually, the processor doesn't rule out an operating system. :matte-motes-frown::matte-motes-frown: Not sure where you pulled that one from?
  9. /me takes a step back, trying not to laugh but bursts out laughing hysterically. JeanneAnne, I am sorry that you feel so "threatened" by someone not allowing you to use their home for your personal needs or their land. It leads me to ask if you have any manners or common sense whatsoever by the sounds of your paltry "your stuff is mine" rants. Ban lines and security orbs are greifing? LMFAO! Oh my gawd, this is just making my day. Please keep posting the utter nonsense that you are spilling. I haven't had a laugh like this in awhile. /me scoots away and adds JeanneAnne to the parcel ban list for his home. Have a great day! :mantongue:
  10. I live on a private island. Sure the hell can't pay me to live on the laggy mainland. What works for you probably won't work for me or for others. I prefer to live on a residential island with no lag that is owned by a wonderful group of people. I sure as hell won't pay LL for a premium membership. It doesn't do me any good. Simply not enough benefits. Maybe when they bring back some quality control I might reconsider.
  11. 10 seconds is not too much, even if the intrusion is accidental. If I am in a rp with someone, naked...you get the idea. That nakedness is for only who I am with, not with some strange visitor. It doesn't matter to me if they rez or not. you have 10 seconds to vacate said premises. Plus no one can even cam into said parcel since parcel privacy is now on every region(if you have it enabled from land options. This is off by default). All people had to do was fly before and get within 500m or so, extend draw distance and cam you. I want privacy for my friends house, for me, and anyone who visits. When people showed up before the orb, they didn't care who you were and went about their business of walking through your home, clicking on everything, trying to turn on the tv, watch a movie, whatever. You want to explore, fine...no problem with that. Ask first. It all boils down today to people having very little respect for anyone else but themselves. This god like complex that people have is really irritating. I cannot stand most people and to boot, they are so full of themselves. This alone is why my friend and I have a 10 second warning on his orb.
  12. A friend of mine rents a 4096 on a residential island. He uses a orb with a 10 second time limit to keep unwanted people out. By the default settings on the orb, if they do not leave, they are teleported home, banned for 3 hours from that certain parcel. Most people do not have the same respect in SL as they do in RL about a persons home. Would you just walk into a stranger's home and look around? Of course not. That happens so often in SL. He once logged in and found people having sex on his bed! That is when he got the orb. He kicked and banned those people immediately. I would consider a home totally private and off limits unless you are invited into said home. Public are your music venues, stores and shops, hang out places, etc.
  13. Did you turn down the music? Virtual DJ DOES NOT autofade music when you go to speak as there is no mic button. Mic should be "live" at all times. You must manually bring down the volume slider on the deck that is playing. Mic & Master might not be in the Mac version? Virtual DJ also has no way to mute your mic. So either you need to be very quiet or you will need to "mute" your mic from the volume control properties. Edit: Seems that Macs do have some problems on the spectrum of things. If VirtualDJ doesn't work out for you, you can always try Nicecast. That should be very similar to what SAM Broadcaster is to Windows.
  14. Ok, so I figured out the eye problem. I feel stupid right about now. Nothing was wrong with the jeans, but it was with my shape. Eye bags were little to non existant. Lowered them and low and behold the eye bulge disappeared. Either way I am happy that I got it fixed.
  15. Redzone and CDS were banned long ago after it was brought to LL's attention that the creator of Redzone was a known felon. It was part of his probation to not associate with other felons but did so anyway. He was jailed for 4 months in August 2011. For the two years after his release, he’s not allowed to work anywhere where computers or computer programming are the primary business, not allowed near any online auction site, and not allowed to participate in Second Life, or any online virtual environment or online social network – at least, not without prior written approval from his assigned Probation Officer. http://dwellonit.taterunino.net/2011/08/01/redzone-creator-goes-to-prison/
  16. Just checked. Eye depth on both avatars is exactly the same. I am not even sure what is happening here. I have never ran across this in any mesh items before. I have dropped a notecard on the creator 4 days ago. As of right now, there has been no reply. I just checked if changing the eye depth would change anything. Moved them all the way to 100 and the eye bulge was STILL present. Sounds like the jeans are totally borked and only the creator can fix.
  17. No matter the size of the jeans, condition still exists. This really sucks.
  18. No change. The condition is still present. This is not connected to the alpha layer. I can put on any lower body alpha and this issue still persists. I am running out of options. I have cleared cache, then did a manual cache clear. Something is really borked. Without Hairbase, Hair, and tattoo: Here is what this avatar looks like without those specific jeans on. Wearing all mesh. Grasp shorts, Ispachi hoodie:
  19. See attached picture: Demo of the same jeans from Jomo. Avatar on the left has "eyes bulging" from underneath the eyelids whereas the avatar on the right looks normal. Shapes are very similar in body type, height, etc. Graphics are set exactly the same. Also, the avatar on the left, when he removes the jeans, the eye problem disappears. (Hint: Want to see larger pictures, right click and view image in Firefox. Not sure about IE and Chrome.) So my question is this: What is causing this? Closer pic here:
  20. Actually it has been. SL started in 2002(if you count beta testing.) SL was officially launched June 2003. Maybe you should wiki information before sprouting off hate.
  21. Wow, so hostile. Glad you are not one of my friends having an attitude like that. Pretty sad. I looked at your profile in world and your behavior is so typical of youth these days. No respect for anyone.
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