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  1. Go to a build enabled land, click build...then click the ground. Pretty simple.
  2. I second this. I've had enough studies from stupid colleges and we surely don't need them from pathetic community colleges, national colleges, or any further ones from colleges we have never heard of.
  3. Dillon Levenque wrote I did notice you were a bit taller than me, but only a bit. Some of my friends that have been here a long time are damn near Amazon height, but it does seem to me that the trend is for shorter avatars, which must be a relief for women that are under 5' 5" in RL and have taken pains to make their avatar match that; they might stop being mistaken for children if the trend continues. This happens constantly actually. My avatar is only about 6'2", rather short for SL, but exactly my real lfie height. The overly large, steroid types guys who look like they are going to go into roid rage scare me. That trend is slowly fading as more and more realistic skins are released and better shapes are being made. The one thing I wish LL would do is update the shape base, as it has been around for quite a while without an update.
  4. I second and thirdly say to store clothes, shoes, skins, hair, etc in a prim. Amethyst nailed this. I see no need in tossing away things that you have bought when wishing that you didn't when you feel like being retro.
  5. Czari Zenovka wrote: This morning I awoke with a new question - is it possible to install Win 7 over Win 8 and is that more of a headache than I want to deal with? Many, many thanks again to everyone who has taken the time to provide info/advice. Yes you can actually. You will need a Windows 7 Disk. Pop it into the DVD/BR drive, and boot from it. You can wipe out the Windows 8 partitions and then proceed to install Windows 7 on a fresh partition. However, I would suggest that you make Windows 8 DVD's first(most manufacturer's allow you to make a copy) before you wipe out anything.
  6. Don't forget that when you change a core operating system component such as the motherboard or processor to a different one than what you originally installed the operating system on, you will need to reinstall Windows. This does not apply to power supplies, DVD/BR drives, RAM, memory card readers, sound cards, ethernet cards. Video cards...I would stick with newer technology. I just upgraded to the Nvidia GTX 650ti 2GB back in November. It is a great card, runs smoothly, is relatively short(not one of those 9 inch long cards), and runs SL perfectly. Matter of fact, this video card took my Windows Aero score from 5.2 up to 7.6! This card back when I got it was $200 though the price has probably come down some. Check at Newegg.com or Tigerdirect.com. Most of your computer guru's are going to buy parts from one of those two sites. ETA: Fixed typos and grammar.
  7. Nevermind...just found them. They are from J's. /me face palms
  8. I am trying to find the boots that are in the photo for this listing...can anyone help me out? Boot Link
  9. There are generous people in this world you know. But it leads me to believe that you are just an irritable punk kid by the post you made.
  10. Can't remember which, but it is either Inworldz or Avination that you can choose your own last name. Linden Lab made a HUGE MISTAKE in doing away with last names. Trying to force people to use display names. One word to sum it all up: Idiotic.
  11. I don't think this has anything to do with the bridge actually, but you never know. Click on Avatar >> Avatar Health >> Recreate LSL Bridge. Make sure you are in a rez and script enabled area. The bridge is responsible for script counting within the viewer along with being a part of Firestorm's radar function.
  12. Sometimes SL sticks with the attachments. Relog and then try to remove that sleeve again.
  13. There is the SL upper limit actually. Linden Lab servers run at 1500kbps max. Those servers will not run faster than that and if you boost your bandwidth above that, it is just wasted. You will not rez faster, tp faster, nothing faster. Ricky, you will want to check this link out: Speed Test ETA: You could also try rebaking or the refresh texture within the pinwheel when right clicking on your avatar.
  14. Youtube Vids are playable. You don't even need an expensive TV. You can play them right on a prim actually. The other people may need to press play on their viewers for media other than radio to see the videos.
  15. There is nothing further you can do. The Dev team at Phoenix is no longer supporting that said viewer. Eventually, when server side baking comes out, Phoenix will be nothing but a pile of junk code. Your best bet is to jump to another viewer now. If you prefer the V1 interface...I suggest Singularity or CoolVL. Bot support mesh and both will keep hacking v2 code into the obsolete codebase it uses. Or just update to Firestorm, put the skin on Phoenix and move the buttons around, turning on text options for them. You will be very surprised at how much Firestorm looks like Phoenix.
  16. Myself personally....the Docs from Gos are now outdated and use insiviprims, though you can turn them off. Plus there is a tag on the back of those that just loves to poke through pants. I say go with the J's ones. ETA: The script usage on Gos is slightly high too.
  17. Sephina, this fix will work in any viewer whether it is Singularity, Phoenix, LL, Dolphin, etc. Please note: This is a client side fix only. Other avatars, unless they have made the change themselves will see you as having the plankboard tummy. Just some info about Firestorm: On first launch, you will remain a cloud until the items you are wearing are loaded into the inventory. Definitely recommend a nice quiet place to do that. ETA: fixed spelling and grammar
  18. The clipboard only holds one thing. Is it the last text/link that you copied. Commands are the same as a text document. Hightlight any section of words or a link >> right click, copy ...then move to where you want to paste it, then use Ctrl V or Cmd V(on Mac) to paste.
  19. OMG Reicheru and Bree. I never had any idea about this and the difference for me is night and day. No more pointy butt when sitting and I look like I have a ribcage instead of a fulcrum at that seam. Glad I decided to take a look at this.
  20. I went through yesterday and reported all the football spam. I have yet to be notified or IM'd by a moderator about such things. It is their job to clean up the forums while it is our job to report suspicious posts to them. If they ban me from the forums, LL Live Chat will get a nice one from me, just sayin'.
  21. CPU: Intel® Core i5-2320 CPU @ 3.00GHz (2993.24 MHz) Memory: 8173 MB OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 64-bit Service Pack 1 (Build 7601) Graphics Card Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation Graphics Card: GeForce GTX 650 Ti/PCIe/SSE2 This graphic card for me is perfect. Usually run High settings and only usually turn up to Ultra when taking photographs. I can't get in world at the moment to show you though I do have a pic I took awhile ago of a friend. Picture was taken at Alirium Gardens, full shadows and lighting.
  22. So totally agree with Cade. Inverse is awesome and if you buy on the Marketplace and then leave a review, you can even get like L$20 back(not sure if she is still doing the Rwarder system). Novocaine has come a long ways since her first buildings. When people ask me, I always send them there first. ETA: None of the furniture is linked so if you don't like it, just delete it.
  23. Have you tried resetting your modem and router? A lot, and I mean a lot of connection issues are client side, not server side. If you haven't power cycled those two, do so and then check. Post again and let us know what happens.
  24. It is under the General Tab in land options. Look for Parcel ID.
  25. Clothing is so personal in SL, just like in real life. Some of the stores I shop at are: Connors Chronokit Sey Balkanik Entente Ispachi Ronsem Kauna JP DSG Sheep Door Pumpkin Sleepy Eddy FATEwear NOTsoBAD I never buy a outfit just for the sake of having unless it is something special. I buy clothing mainly with the intention of being able to mix and match.
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