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  1. SL has been having connectivity issues all day long. See here
  2. More than likely caused by this: SL Grid Status Updates
  3. Christin... You cleared cache, doing clean installs.......which means you have no cache of textures, objects. Plus your inventory needs to load itself all over again. Most times you will not render until your inventory is fully loaded. Head to a quiet region, let your inventory load and see if you render.
  4. Ghosted means you are stuck in world while logged out. Friends still show you online and the like. You need to know what region your "ghost" is at so you can log back into that same region. It is a pain to fix but fixable.
  5. That happens every now and then. Most likely caused from lag. It is nothing to worry about. Usually happens for me when my avatar is still in world after disconnecting. You don't immediately disappear once you log out. It can sometimes up to 30 seconds before that happens.
  6. Just found out that this is mostly happening with people on Verizon...either their DSL or FioS. What company are you guys using? Anyone other than Verizon?
  7. I just completely reinstalled Firestorm and the problem persists. This was a clean reinstall. Totally wiped everything out. So yea...Firestorm is shot to hell and it seems they do not even care.
  8. About 4 or 5 days ago...Noticed it Friday and has gotten progressively worse. I am beginning to not render at all, everyone else is gray. ETA: I am on the FS Beta
  9. This is definitely a Firestorm issue. Though their useless support is claiming that I am getting bake fail when my packet loss is 0.0%. Typical. Think it is about they stop pussyfooting around cause LL has left the Firestorm team in the dust.
  10. Tried searching Google and the forum for this but I am at a loss. In the Singularity radar, often times a blue heart pops up next to a person's name. What does this blue heart me?
  11. Report the review through the link on it? Or better yet, reply to the said review and refute the statement made by the reviewer. Customer Service is the name of the game. Some people will never be happy. Always stay positive and try to make the customer happy.
  12. My apologies that I haven't really kept up to date on these. I personally have a 650ti 2GB card and it has not let me down at all. FPS averages anywhere from 30 to over 100. One thing you have to look at for a PSU is the amps on a single 12v rail. A lot of 12v rails are 16 or 18 amp. Some video cards require 20 amp(my gtx 650ti requires 20 amp). This is why I suggested a larger watt psu. The psu that you linked does not show any amperage on any rail. There is no way to be certain if said psu will handle the video card. I should get back into reading over these things as I am due for an upgrade on my vid card next year.
  13. I personally would go with the 650 graphics card, but if you can spare the extra...get a 2gb model as you will have more wiggle room. Take a look at this one: MSI GTX 650 2GB As for the power supply, it might not be enough. Try to get a 750w PSU. Perhaps this? Powercool PSU
  14. I personally would stay away from all Kal Rau clothes, atleast in the jeans department. That guy seriously has no clue about male body proportions. The backside on all his jeans look like you took a dump and then sat in it. Nothing but a flat plank. I however on the other hand adore Pumpkin, Connors, Barmaley, Chronokit, and Aphorism. ETA: fixing typing errors.
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