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  1. Homophobia is forbidden in Second Life. And gender doesn't really count for that much, considering you can change it with one click of a button.
  2. I have the same problem, only it's with my legs and feet. Alpha layers aren't working, and system clothing is entirely grey. I have uninstalled and reainstalled without any improvement. Anyone have any suggestions for where else to look for help?
  3. I guess then trying on mesh demos can make your avatar persistently disfigured? The only way I've found to correct this is to change to my furry avatar, then put a regular outfit on as a human from the "my outfits" list of saved items. It does not always work. Also, my son's computer is about 5x faster and I don't have this problem to the same extent when I'm using it; the "rebake textures" actually works on his computer and although I do need to relog sometimes, I feel like I can go places and do things without having to monitor how I look constantly. This computer used to run SL just fine. I have uninstalled and reinstalled several times, but will do it again if directed. I'm thinking about wearing a cloud avatar and just telling everyone that I've retire from rezzing... but then I couldn't go shopping constantly! :-(
  4. Lately, any time I put on an alpha, my avatar shows up with purple stripes, or invisible so you can see her eyeballs, or her skin is rearranged with the lips on the front of her thighs, or her breast on the back of her shin, or some other psychedelic bad nightmare. I'm shockingly ugly, and nothing helps until I either take off the alpha or restart and cross my fingers that I am rezzing properly. Is there any fix to this? I've searched the marketplace and I can't find a gadget to help. Thanks, Ivy
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