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  1. i broke up looking to starting over just want to be better and get good advise without the hassle
  2. for what a page or a game or sl you have to tell what type some people can know what softwear
  3. i do not know what tools vic [redacted by moderator] have [redacted by moderator] i crashed after the threat i was thinking it's safe in sl but this guy prove it's not safe im hesitant from paying in sl i post here because i want to know the truth about sl safty
  4. i try to get in sl marketplace but i can't any idea
  5. I'm looking to buy clothes like this
  6. like this the guy the white line i seen like this in sl https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/CreaTive-DesiGnS-0027-Realistic-Flute-with-Animation-V2/3290232
  7. i can't find the effect that have a line glow around body would someone help
  8. ya all true but what about me i want place where people can be them self there free to talk (but with no crimes) not in second life forum but in second life sim i did see one place i can't find it when i see people out side the place i seen alot of them they have the mask on but i go someone home or i hide and lesson to some people they speak the same as the place i one was in what i want is that freedom and people being them self i want to know the truth and i do not want someone how is nice and hide from my the truth on how do i speak i want to improve my way how to talk to people
  9. im looking for free speech place a place where your free to say what you want
  10. ya im stupid did not ask
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