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  1. njgamer69

    orange smoke problem

    can't load my avatar i only see orange smoke need help
  2. njgamer69

    ao problem

    i have problem my friend what to turn ao of but she can't her sit is sill on even when she detached the ao
  3. i did go to marketplace.secondlife.com >my marketplace can't find access preference to General, Moderate, Adult
  4. i did it when i was logged in
  5. i was looking for adult content in the marketplace site i found warning i search the content marketplace sit i can't find it i need of help
  6. no script and no object and no pushing
  7. i have a friend i want to come but i have restrictions i want to re move them
  8. im looking for something to buy i did not say anything did not do anything wrong i get a ban
  9. people do not know so i wanted feedback sorry if it's not the place
  10. i wast to buy from a 3rd party a head that work with slink body please a link to the store is good marketplace and im ok with a map link
  11. what people art talking about on the mic
  12. njgamer69

    one color avatar

    im seeing a one color avatars can't see what they look like need help to remove the one color avatar https://imgur.com/iQeINg8
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