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  1. I dislike reviving a dead discussion, but I have the same problem. Only difference I am not wearing a shoe base. Looks like frost bite on feet. Any suggestions?
  2. It would probably help if the owner of the region is away for an extended time for some reason. I sail the North Sea when I'm in a sailing mood. Twice, I've been booted off at sim crossings (moody crossings. We know them well). First time I went back to where I was sailing and flew in the direction I was traveling. Got lucky and found my boat (now a ghost boat) chugging along. Landed on it and sailed home to the Fruit Islands. Second time, same Sea, same circumstances, but when I went back, I could not locate the boat. Figured it was eaten by the powers that be at sim crossings and went home (yes, I looked in my lost and found folder...nada). About a week 1/2 later, I get an IM asking if I had lost a boat. "Yes I did". The person gave me the coordinates of where it was located. I went there and sure enough, still chugging along but up against some rocks next to someones home. A happy sail back to Fruit Islands was in store. Moral of the story: If the owner had set a return time on their parcel, I probably would have gotten my boat back in minutes after losing it, 'stead of a week 1/2 later. Ghost boats exist. If you come across one in a part of the sea and seems out of place, IM the owner. They'll be very happy to know and will pay it forward.
  3. I applied for a DL at Belli about two months ago. Still waiting for it (the app did state it could be a while). Didn't notice a license plate application.
  4. I was caught by a speed cam on Route 8 and 'issued' a speeding ticket. Only point of bring this up is bragging rights. A speeding ticket. In Second Life. Soon a highway officer might pull me over and ask for license, registration and proof of insurance. If that happens, I'll think this has gone too far. I'll plead 'traveler' not a driver. This RP could be fun.
  5. Yes they did but the documentary digs deeper. The comment of 'Beverly Hills Cop' refers to Det. Gil Hill (credited in the B.H.C. movie as Gilbert R. Hill playing the role of Inspector Todd, Axel Foleys immediate supervisor). In RL, he was a high ranking detective with the Detroit Police Dept and likely played a very large part to why White Boy was held for so long in prison. Hill was a very dirty cop. It's a fascinating presentation.
  6. Netflix is currently showing this documentary. After viewing it, I won't watch "Beverly Hills Cop" the same way.
  7. Tony Orlando sends his thanks to whomever uses his name. (Legal notice: Dawn is not included)
  8. I have to second that question. I've found that my purchase history a great source to find an object I have purchased, buy can't quite remember the name or the seller. It's also a great reference to how I have changed over the years; a time capsule if you will.
  9. Did not know that. I'll take a peek. Thanks Lindal. Edit: Not due until May. For some reason, I thought it closer.
  10. In an answer, no. I did monthly auto pay at one time and it was a bear to stop. Only company that gives me a heads up is CenturyLink (Ironically the monthly auto pay company). Now they just email me a love note "you owe us $XX, where is it?". I'll have the funds on my Mastercard debit, no problem. Thank you all for the input.
  11. Will the Lab send me an email reminding that my renewal is due, before taking it from my bank account? Have to make sure I can cover it or it doesn't come as a surprise.
  12. So I think I get it. I don't understand strings (I don't code), so let's use IP addresses as an example. The lab releases a list of 25 names to choose from, assigning certain IP addresses to each predetermined name. "Jones" is a certain IP, "Smith" is a certain IP, "Doe" is a certain IP, etc.. As people sign up for a new name and choose "Smith", that IP is recognized as is "Jones" and "Doe" and the other 22 IPs being offered. A few weeks later, the Lab decides to take "Jones" off the list and add "Johnson" to the new list (new added IP) but discontinues offering "Jones". Those who have taken the "Jones" name are gold, no change required as the IP is acceptable and understood.Those who choose "Johnson" as a users last name get the new IP and the process continues Now let's look at allowing anyone to change their last name to what they choose. With a very possible large response with a new last name request in the world (not necessarily just english either), the new last name/IP demand would overdo, overdrive, over commit (choose the appropriate phrase if you desire) the system, hence the Lab predetermining new last names on a semi-regular basis is more a coding reason other than a commercial reason? If what I stated is even close to what you were saying, I can accept why LL prefers not to allow users making up their own last names. It would be a headache felt around the world.
  13. Season 4 of "The Crown", IMHO, the strongest season so far. Gillian Anderson as PM Margaret Thatcher and french actress Emma Corrin as Lady Diana Spencer crush their roles. It should be criminal if neither one is not nominated for an award. .
  14. I paid the $40.00 for the name change. Rowley was really the only one that grabbed my attention. Frankly, I wish the Lab would allow one to change their last name to what the user wishes, provided it's not obscene or otherwise offensive. Why stick to a list? I may be mistaken, but all one is dong is taking a series of letters (Smith) assigned to the UUID of the avi and changing the letters (Jones) to another series, to the same UUID avi. Am I wrong?
  15. Ordered a demo. Thank Karen.
  16. That's just what the hairdresser ordered. Sent for a demo and if all is good, I'll get what's needed.
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    My bad, Alwin. Question moved.
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