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  1. Republican, Democrat, Independent, Green, Whig...shouldn't really matter what political leanings one holds, the key is having the ability to discuss beliefs in an adult manner.
  2. Would make a great region name, doncha think?
  3. Why not just create a Pick tab and list all of your partners? Some hang out or marry exclusively with a favorite/beloved friend (hence: PARTNER). Why would the Lab want to reformat the partner tab if a Pick tab could serve the same purpose?
  4. I stand corrected. I like to see what I am buying or bidding on before I make a decision. Your explanation seems reasonable. I wish luck on the seller to get what they ask, if not more.
  5. How about some pics or a slurl so one can see what they are bidding for. "30k non GF sim for sale" really doesn't say a lot.
  6. I'm with the OP. I changed my name last evening but still can log in using my old name. Wouldn't sense dictate that the new name be required to log in? ("Out with the old, in with the new" thing) UPDATE: Takes a while for the system to catch up. Just found my Dashboard won't let me in with the old name. My Bad. Thanks for listening.
  7. Could you elaborate how a temp rezzer uses sim resources? I'm not taking sides, but do use one at my place for a helicopter (to save prims on Linden land). I rez, I fly, I land and delete.
  8. I took a 5 1/2 month break from SL recently. In the meantime, I would lurk here and read the threads concerning Bellisseria and the troubles some were having in obtaining a proper home (especially the house boats). Before the break, I had been renting land elsewhere but gave it up (not coming online, why pay for it?). When I returned to SL, I was hoping to regain what I had rented. The land is available. When speaking with an agent, she said the price was now XXXXL$/week. MUCH more than what I had been paying before. NO chance of paying the former rate (I had for close to 18 months). I politely said I'd think of it and went on my way. While chatting with a friend, I mentioned being homeless for the moment and she invited me to crash at her place, which BTW is located at Bellisseria. What I saw impressed me. I decided to go premium on the spot. Paid the year fee and was given a nice Lincoln home on the first try. The parcel I am located in is much busier than the old place and the lag is at a minimum. I flew around in my helicopter and noticed some empty regions which tells me the Lab has more homes coming soon. I guess what I am saying is those who are not getting a satisfying experience, just be patient. I lucked out on my first try (should go buy a lottery ticket) and wish I had gone premium sooner.
  9. 4/11/1970 On this date, Apollo 13 departed for an ill fated journey to the Moon. It was to be dubbed a "successful failure". Apollo 13 in real-life.
  10. Steak sauce (If a steak is seasoned and prepared properly, does it really need a sauce?)
  11. $40 for a name change, based on an approved list? Why not let the individual choose a name as long as it is not profane, suggestive or otherwise offensive? The common denominator is the UUID. That's it. I would love to change my user name to my display name. Why use a list?
  12. Paula always uses Stanley's earmuffs. E A G L E
  13. I'm binging Ricky Gervais "After Life" I will never hear Elton John "Rocket Man" the same way again. This series is f***ing incredible.
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