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  1. Play it safe and vote for Todd. If you want serious political shenanigans, go to Twitter.
  2. I worked a prison sim for a few years. Next door was a psychiatric hospital that worked closely with the prison and any RP that required an intake of a prisoner. One day, we were griefed by some who refused to leave, I mistakenly called on these "police" to assist in ridding the sim of the griefers. Before these LEO's showed up, the hospital super and I remedied the situation and I IM'ed them their services were not needed. Long story short, the "police" were more trouble to us than the griefers. We ended up booting/banning the "police" who responded. They kept saying an investigation was needed and paperwork had to be filed. Now, when I see any "police" tag pertaining to Second Life (and there are/were plenty), I walk away. To me they are nothing but wannabe vigilantes who place more importance to themselves than they do to help.
  3. Moopsie made the forums! Ask her next time you see her. She'll explain the nickname.
  4. I'm prohibited by space and length in this forum to post any music videos from favorite movies. The movie title will say it all: "Goodfellas". Top 5 choice, if not #1 in music beds for scenes and transitions. Scorsese knows his soundtracks.
  5. For the most part, I go with region settings. If it's fairly dark (FameShedX comes to mind), I set to midday so I can see the products better.
  6. My $ would've had you pegged at "Lighting others on fire"
  7. Let's say this idea has some merit. I do have a question or two to ask: Is WKYC equipped to transmit to a satellite? I trust they have a sat truck to handle uploading a signal. With that said... 1) How much time or window are you prepared to pay for the use of the truck and transmission? 2) How far out would you place a reservation on a satellite transponder? Three months or six months? Maybe a year? A retainer may be required. 3) On the back side, what distribution costs are you prepared to pay or to propose? Distribution can be a breaker. Make a major motion picture and if you can't get a distributor, it sits in a can before being released. 4) Is any production insurance involved? If major news breaks, WKYC (or a major news outlet) may need the window you reserved to put their product out, hence you would be bumped. If that were the case, you would need some guarantee of getting some of your investment back. I think the premiums would be on the high side.
  8. Roku has 'Leverage' on their free list. Been binging on the episodes. It was an original TNT series.
  9. For what it's worth, there have been discussions of a bridge or tunnel, connecting Russia with Alaska. This could enable one to drive from London to Los Angeles.
  10. A follower of KISS or Insane Clown Posse?
  11. Reminds me of that Paul McCartney song, when he was with Wings. "Banned on the Run" Or the Detroit Spinners "Rubberbanned Man"
  12. Make me cluck like a chicken. I dare ya.
  13. It's worth it to me. Where I was living was great, but they upped their monthly price and straight out of my budget. Just as well. I was due a change in scenery.
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