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  1. skape keys,vertex groups even a new skeleton of the head...i have try a lot but did not have a way to add the expression on a mesh avatar......any one have some idea?? by the way,made three or more head is a good way,but seems very strange when some one press ctrl + alt + t.............
  2. sorry ,can you upload a screenshot of how could copy weights form one to another?: )
  3. you mean you can copy the weights of vertexes form one object to another similar objects???
  4. i have made two mesh object and uploadder it ,but when i want to link them together ,the system says:Second Life: Link failed -- nothing linkable help me please..........
  5. The snow in the sky is dancing notes which bring my thoughts and blessings to you for a happy New Year: )
  6. but anyone who want to play with you in a kidnap would become your friend first......
  7. not by myself ,just be kidnapped by my friend: )
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