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  1. maybe its just me but I have noticed lately the few times I have tried to use BD Im getting like 3-10 FPS on the same sims and settings where FS is getting 20-30 FPS. this is even waiting the customary 5+ min for BD to even load a scene. Has something changed in BD to cause this massive drop in performance?
  2. remember the movie Avatar? the Na'vi was a race of beings 10ft (3m) tall. Everything in their world therefore was appropriately scaled and was completely normal. A human visiting would find them and objects huge, and a Na'vi visiting earth would find humans and objects very small, but in their own home worlds the scale of everything would be 'normal'. Sl is no different. Its all about the proper scale
  3. Lag nowadays is primarily avi - induced, or at least a major factor in it. turning off shadows in a crowded place or otherwise laggy sim can help greatly - you can always adjust whatever WL you're on to look good shadowless (of course, on FS viewer if you close the env edit window w/o saving the WL u lose the changes) you can lower the 'avi count' in crowded places as well,
  4. Civility and tolerance go pretty much hand in hand. Agree to disagree. Your hate of something/someone probably won't change someone else's opinion on that no matter how much you spout off. Learning to accept people have different opinions on certain subjects and accepting that is tolerance and civility. Once the discussion devolves into insults, name calling etc...then it only shows that you're neither tolerant nor civil
  5. or, Photoshop. Problem solved! (once you learn the basics of doing high quality snap shots in the first place)
  6. I have seems to notice a increase in passenger ejection on sim crosses of late - other than the usualy lower scripts etc anything else that will help prevent that? This is sailing (blake sea area) and even motoring at like 3 knots on a simple sim cross the passenger often gets ejected. The passenger ejects seemed to be mostly a thing of the past (least in lower speed crossing) maybe its just me, but wonder if anybody has noticed a increase in this...
  7. that would be nice, a note from Team Linden saying Happy Rezz Day! to date you have spent x amount of lindens on buying pixels! Congrats!
  8. I was sailing on the blake yesterday and noticed some VERY rough sim crosses and got thrown off a couple times and even had to relog. Then I flew in a plane for a bit and it was really bad and yes I hit that invisible wall you speak of. In fact I could not even take off from the Norway airport at all. But when the sim crosses went 'normal' they didn't seem to be any better - or worse than it always has been
  9. what you really need is a really cool coffee mug, Cause no matter how much you spend on a pc, you'll be wading through the lag like everyone else so may as well enjoy your coffee while you wait to move.......
  10. older but still good: https://strawberrysingh.com/2010/04/12/tutorial-taking-high-res-blog-snapshots-for-intermediate-users/
  11. The lead investor's past investments: Bradford Oberwager has founded and/or run five tech/CPG companies—Jyve, Bare Snacks (acquired by PepsiCo), True & Good! Snacks, Acumins/more.com (acquired by HealthCentral), and Blue Tiger/Open Webs (acquired by CarParts). Notice a pattern there?
  12. I think one goal of Sansar was to create a sexless virtual world, cause yea, its pretty hard to get corporate investors to come into SL when the first thing when you open of the search is.....boobs and escorts
  13. when is it ever a GOOD thing to be bought by an investment group? With Linden getting all the user data onto Trillia, and user data likely the most valuable asset Linden owns.....nothing lasts forever, and Im sure SL is an aging dinosaur of the tech world - but should SL see its final curtian call, its not hard to think of all the people it will affect - shut ins who rely on SL for daily interactions, all the vendors who if not making a RL living, generate a good side income, all the people in relationships who only communicate through SL.. It's good the stay positive but when being acquired by an investment group who's primary goal is to maximize returns for it's backers - it's hard to see the upside here. And because of the nature of the SL ecomony they will be putting out all these 'don't worry, things are great' messages right up to the day they throw the switch and shut the grid down......
  14. While it isn't possible, one could wear a large prim box over them so the only thing they see is a box....
  15. The problem lies in the fact that SL is not RL and why the hell should anyone care about "height" anyways! all that matters is retaliative scale!
  16. Everybody does photography in SL it seems and a ton of super talented people. You can charge what people are willing to pay! If you offer somthing super nice, or unique or awesome or whatever.... but to make money on a consistiant level with SL photography a specialty field could be really helpful, like Wedding, Maternity, Family, etc.. One thing is don't under sell your self ... SL is full of cheapstakes and tightwads, but if you offer good high quality work and you know it - set your price and don't let people convince you to basically work for free
  17. how many "confederates' are left? seems there are those that want to erase every memory of that from history, so then why not erase the word "democratic Party' from history? times changes and people and ideas change. how are monuments to confederate generals harmful to anyone alive today? they represent a snapshot in time. not a pleasant moment in time, but it is a part of America and its past. if we insist to purge every reminder of past wrongs done by America or Americans, then we need to purge everything, not a selective set of things
  18. there is a thread in Machinima forum about this viewer I thought Id post here, I been running it through its paces last few days, I'd like to know for given the same settings how it is performing so much better than Firestorm in terms of scene loading and FPS gains. I have observed the LOD is rather low by default - you see some mesh items deform rather quickly when the camera is pulled back some and FS has a checkbox in Phototools to disable Dynamic Draw which in this viewer is on by default and only able to turn off via debug settings but overall I have been seeing FPS rates at least 2-5x that of Firestorm. The UI is more a fancy linden viewer not really impressed with that, but I do wonder how it is able to perform so well
  19. What Ive noticed is by default Alchmey uses very low LOD values for mesh and very low LOD on distance drawing
  20. the main question I have is what is this White privilege and where can I get some? does it pay your bills for you? put free food on the table? pay rent? inquiring minds want to know!
  21. There are still some issue with cops - a small minority of them. Most are good. But I wonder if the thought has ever occurred maybe just stop resisting arrest? even if is a BS stop, a profiling stop, or what ever, maybe let the attorney and courts settle it ......until we can fix (or remove) the bad cops this might help in the mean time....
  22. I recently have noticed FS is writing to disk like it is penning a novel. 30-50% sometimes even 100% write. (observed in the task manager) the system resource monitor just says 'system' I have checked while on black dragon, and it remains between 0-1% disk activity Anybody know what FS is doing? I don't recall this type of disk activity before but maybe just never payed attention. Even when recording video in SL I don't see this amount of disk write activity.
  23. ok some my first impressions (related to observed performance not anything to do with the UI) I went to area in Grove Estate I know likes to chug alot. I set the FS and Alc. viewer to the same WL and same draw distance, same display settings First of, observing the windows task manager, the usage of the CPU / GPU is really no different than of FS Firestorm: after intial load I'm getting anywhere from 6-11 FPS and if I let the scene 'bake in' longer up to 20 FPS or so. FS has for me for a while now, chugged and very low FPS on some sims until it gets more processed. It's loaded, no grey, just takes a while for the FPS to build up. Alcehmy: The loading was very fast and I was instantly getting rates from between 40-90 FPS (I walked back and forth along a path in both viewers) there was no observed 'bake in' period where I had to wait for the FPS to pick up. From my observation on this particular sim in this particular area, I would say it was anywhere from 2-5 times better in FPS, and in addition, when walking, no choppiness I plan on doing more testing and with the 3D mouse I use for machinima work and on different sims to do more comparing. So far I have to say, it performs really well. Now, I can't say something in my Win 10 just doesn't like a certain file or process within FS, but from my early observation, alchemy works quite well my computer: core i7 4790 16g RAM GTX 1080 Win 10 build 19041
  24. Ill give it a try, but what is with all this 'perceived' difference? using the task manager one can see EXACTLY what the CPU/GPU is and is not doing......
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