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  1. I don't care about people's RL gender as I don't get interested in them in a way where that might become an issue. People can be who they want in SL and it's not my business to know the person behind the avatar. They can tell me as much or as little as they want I generally assume half of it is untrue by default!
  2. They are annoying as heck on my land they all pop in in my personal house, subsequently that parcel was set to payment info on file only. I really don't care what these bots do I don't want to be part of what they do and I don't think they have any business in collecting any data from my personal non public land. I pay LL 260 a month not for bots to go wild on my sim. Last night when I finally snapped and locked it all down we counted no less than 5 of them coming by all with names that and in aaa and aaaa
  3. I like to keep it interesting. I can not deal with the big RP sims anymore. The themes do not appeal and I do no like huge playerbases. I can't rp in the same setting all the time either. Sometimes I take a break from RP but recently I just build small RP areas to use on my sim for me and a group of friends. We can be medieval one night, elves another and urban crime families the next. In general, if I have more than one setting to write in I don't burn out as I can just go do something else the next day and come back to whatever setting I don't want to rp in at the moment a few days later.
  4. If the store name is on any part of the clothing in a visible place I am not going to buy it, no matter how much I would have liked it otherwise. I refuse to wear visible brand names in RL too.
  5. This isn't a sim advert or anything although we have our own sim and we play there, building scenes as we need them. Currently we have three settings. A viking one, a present day mafia/cartel setting and a near future foreign legion one. We are a small group and at this point we'd like to add a few like-minded individuals looking for rp in smaller settings as opposed to the huge RP sims. We have run plenty of those and are a little burned out on those huge settings. RP is more intense and meaningful, at least to us, in small groups with lots of story, action and with friends. If anyone is look
  6. I still RP most of my SL time. When not making new stuff to sell or working the other two businesses I built up. Now I am no longer interested in big RP sims, too many people, too much BS for me personally. I just build little scenes with friends on my sim and we switch it up whenever we get bored with something. Currently we have a modern rp area, a viking one and a renaissance Europe one. Small groups is where it's at for me these days.
  7. This is an ADULT Commercial/Residential region. RENT We are not a for profit rental. You rent your parcel at tier. This is a 30k LI sim. 1/4th sim 7500 prim 4200 L$ per week or 16800 L$ per month You receive full rights. That means you can subdivide, rent smaller pieces away, terraform and whatever else you might like. Rent is due when it is due, no exceptions. We clear out within 3 to 5 hours after a rental expires. ZONING Commercial OR Residential is fine We do not allow: Breedables businesses Farming businesses such as DFS or similar systems
  8. Kinda, I met my husband playing a different online game, married for 15 years in RL now. I was in Europe he in the US. Raked For 11 months 5 of which we dated long distance, then I came to visit and we got married. We started SL together but he didn't like it, we still play other games together.
  9. I am glad I don't have renters on my sim. It would suck if I had to evict them. The company I worked for is not going to survive the mandatory shutdown of non essential businesses in my area and I am no longer getting paid. Sadly my sim is one of those luxury things that I will have to get rid off or find someone to rent half of it until I get a new job, have to offset my own costs. I would have loved for a Tier reduction for everyone but alas, we are never quite that lucky. I can pay, just not that much right now 🙂
  10. I am looking for a mesh creator for a relatively small project rigged to the legacy body. Or more specifically the hands. If you are interested drop me a message here with your legacy name or contact me in sl. (laylah.yaseotoko) I have a notecard ready with exact descriptions and an image for you to quote me on!
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