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  1. I am 95% certain that is a heavily edited and photoshopped hair that isn't for sale anywhere in SL
  2. I assume the stuff isn't copyable? Cause if so it doesn't matter, if you are banned from the land but other's have access you could possibly give someone your rights and maybe they can do it? I mean you could just ask nicely. If it's your stuff he can't move or keep it either way should he ever want to leave the land/redecorate and then it would eventually get returned to you.
  3. Are they RLV based? If so just turn that off in your settings. Should fix the issue.
  4. Hey there, been meaning to respond to this thread a few times now, unfortunately I only check the forums when I am about to go and leave for work hah... Anyway if you'd like to hang out or talk I am always happy to make new friends, though you probably have more in common with my bff lol, she is into tarot and everything. I am just a skeptic supporter on the outside there Her and I are joined at the hip so if you'd like to hang out you'd meet her too. We are always looking for new fun people to add to our extremely small friendship circle! We roleplay too, watch movies either in world or over discord, go exploring and share pictures of our pets. (8 parrots here.. i like birds!) Anyway feel free to hit me up in world I usually get online after work around 3.30ish pm SLT same name as on the forums. And as always I checked the forums just before I had to run, have a great day everyone!
  5. I just read HKE is reopening this year. So that's a good option. At least that is what the in world profile of the principal says
  6. I think Hard Knock Elementary starts up again in September, you can check them out if I remember right they have a pre-k class, if not the search function in SL will probably help you out bigtime.
  7. My small group has a space station we tool around on (on a private sim), always looking to add a few select people to our group/friends.
  8. People are acting like there is only Gachas to buy. If someone has everything they sell in Gachas it's time for them to conduct business the other way, other than that I am not really seeing a loss.
  9. Usually I meet role-playing friends along the way playing where I play, granted I have grown fed up with the big rp sims as I feel that as a working adult I can not dedicate enough of my life to it to stay in the know and keep up. Friends and myself used my 2 regions to build our own rp scenes. So if anyone is interested in sci fi rp or regency era type rp feel free to prod me, same legacy name as my forum name. That being said we don't rp every day, we usually meet up a few times a week as people have time or inclination. Opening a new place can be pretty fickle, there is a finite number of rpers in SL a lot of them have homes already. There are a ton of empty or almost dead rp places out there that never found any traction, so keep that in mind when you decided to make that big investment. As you are most likely not going to make your full tier in rent in a themed rp sim.
  10. Had both of mine months ago. The first one I got sick after 5 days the second one it was pretty immediately. The upside, got a day off work for each one, though after the second one I really needed it hah. That being said, happy to have it behind me, interested to see when/if we need boosters.
  11. Yeah I think I'd be out real fast. I don't want to spend my precious free time traveling the grid to get from place A to B... neither would I want to spend upwards of 400 US a month for my islands just to take hours to get back to them. "Oh I need this outfit for a picture/rp scene, whelp my friends I'll see you in three days or so, if I don't get held up at work and can travel my precious free time away with relatively little lag because the store it is at is... 150 sims away." That would really not work for me
  12. Check the legacy releases group on Flickr, a ton of creators post their stuff in there for females and males alike. You'll probably get a good idea of what is out there. Other than that Ascend, Deadwool, Mossu/Bron, tiller are some of the places my male friends shop at. They all have legacy stuff
  13. I have both bodies I just switch back and forth, alas everything these days more or less has Legacy too and the deformers work pretty good on about 80% of the stuff I tried.
  14. Para Role play is all fun and awesome.... in a small setting. Frankly when you have more than three people in a scene para role play becomes tedious. Who wants to/has time to wait upwards of 20 minutes and more for each post? Sure some people are able to type novels very quickly, but generally... no they don't. When I start tabbing out to watch you tube or play a mobile game on the side to kill time it's time to leave the scene. I am all for long well crafted posts, but if the scene suffers because of them then they aren't worth it. Myself I rarely post more than 5 sentences, there just is no need for it. I like to make sure to keep my response time under 5 minutes if possible. I don't like waiting on people so I am not gonna make them wait on me. I don't require my rp partners to describe every eye movement or tell me what color their eyes are three times per post. I also really don't care for their thoughts in a post. If it's not something others can react to, then it has no real place in a post. In the end RP any way you want to. Most para rpers are just fine with semi para rp too.
  15. Sci Fi Con 13 is on right now it seems there are a ton of Star Trek groups that exhibit there that allow whatever people want to be. Have a walk through there and see if you find something there. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lost Colony/127/128/32
  16. I stopped the bots by setting my land to must have payment info and making it group only since then they no longer showed up. It was that or moving my house and everything in it somewhere else as they kept porting into it and triggering the security system which was really annoying.
  17. Had a stalker for years and years in RL that attached himself to me in an online game when I was much younger and dumber. I'll tell people my gender and my age, beyond that there is less than a handful people in SL I will talk about RL with. 90% of the time I don't mix my lives and I prefer it that way. I don't lie but I very much tell people my RL is none of their business if they can't deal they can just not befriend me. In the end can you believe what most people tell you online? No not really. Unless you actually meet in RL and sped time together you will not know how authentic someone is. That's ok, just go into meeting people keeping that in mind and you won't be terribly disappointed later.
  18. If you like World of Darkness there is a sim that is medieval/fantasy and has a beautiful build called Burgundy in Blood. As far as I can tell it goes by the World of Darkness rule sets.
  19. No one owes you anything. Say it a few times until you understand. This is SL people can play it the way they want. They want a baby or toddler? Then that is what they want and there is a great many kids that will be available for that. You do expect too much, like a room. Are you gonna chip in with the rent? I mean you are an adult behind the screen with means to pay your own way yes? Or do you expect for them to pay? Are they supposed to be available when YOU have time? What about if they had other plans already, are you going to tailor your schedule around them too or is it a one sided thing? Cause your rant sounds pretty I want, I need, give me, I deserve. You get the gist here it's me me me me me me. I had a kid like that once, wanted me to pay for everything from clothing to school and club memberships after already living with me for free. Sorry but no. (The only kid that can make those demands from me is the one I have in real life. And now at 19 she too has to chip in a little here and there.) Like someone else said your profile is a HUGE.. humongous red flag in the adoption community. I am sure I don't need to explain to you why. If you don't meet people in the middle then you are not exactly a fit for a family either. Family is a delicate balance of give and take not take take take. I suggest you figure out your priorities, and learn how to compromise. That way you are likely going to have a whole lot more luck finding a family that is a good fit for you.
  20. Our resort is looking for one or more on demand DJ(s), on demand being we give a few days notice for a set opening and the DJ will be there to play. We are looking for just about any music genre outside of heavy metal, classical and country. While the resort is usually guests only for general sets the DJ is encouraged to invite their friends/groups to join, if it's a closed event that will not be possible but the compensation scheme changes for closed events. On top of pay we also offer a complimentary stay at the resort for a few days. Open/general set 500 L$ base pay for streaming DJ and 800L$ for live mixing DJ 100% tips Closed Event: 800L$ base pay for streaming DJ and 1200L$ for live Mixing DJ 100% tips Sets usually run an hour unless other arrangements have been made. Hosts will be provided. Contact me in world if interested laylah.yaseotoko
  21. I don't care about people's RL gender as I don't get interested in them in a way where that might become an issue. People can be who they want in SL and it's not my business to know the person behind the avatar. They can tell me as much or as little as they want I generally assume half of it is untrue by default!
  22. They are annoying as heck on my land they all pop in in my personal house, subsequently that parcel was set to payment info on file only. I really don't care what these bots do I don't want to be part of what they do and I don't think they have any business in collecting any data from my personal non public land. I pay LL 260 a month not for bots to go wild on my sim. Last night when I finally snapped and locked it all down we counted no less than 5 of them coming by all with names that and in aaa and aaaa
  23. I like to keep it interesting. I can not deal with the big RP sims anymore. The themes do not appeal and I do no like huge playerbases. I can't rp in the same setting all the time either. Sometimes I take a break from RP but recently I just build small RP areas to use on my sim for me and a group of friends. We can be medieval one night, elves another and urban crime families the next. In general, if I have more than one setting to write in I don't burn out as I can just go do something else the next day and come back to whatever setting I don't want to rp in at the moment a few days later.
  24. If the store name is on any part of the clothing in a visible place I am not going to buy it, no matter how much I would have liked it otherwise. I refuse to wear visible brand names in RL too.
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