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  1. Agree about this issue (Fashion Events overkill) - not necessarily for Candy Doll and not even "build" quality so much as style. So often everything feels like just a slight variation of something I already have three of. I can imagine it is hard for designers to keep that monthly pace and more so over several events. I assume the exposure makes it worth it. On C.D. quality issues - probably right. Who hasn't had problems working out their mesh bugs over time? But I haven't had any such issues with their pieces in the last year or two. In particular I was referring to the recent sets - "S
  2. I know this is a Legacy Perky Opinions thread - but since we've veered into peripheral topics, I wanted to add something about Candy Doll - the fashion company. I have no connection; not being paid to endorse - but I am really impressed with their attention to detail. The seams; threads; folds; meticulous fit - whenever I zoom in on something I bought from them I am always really amazed. Their things are not cheap though and hyper sexy, so maybe not for everyone (personally, I LIKE my nipples poking through my clothes). But I LOVE their stuff.
  3. I had high hopes for those breast deformers. I think I own 3. They are just too cartoonishly extreme to take seriously. Maybe there are better ones now, but personally, I don't need my breasts to enter a room 30 seconds before I do.
  4. Yeah that's interesting. I don't know either. The physics attachment I've been using (from Fisica) comes with a walk cycle to test their variations. I'll drop myself in a sandbox sometime and test it.
  5. I agree, they look beautiful. Maitreya Lara is a beautiful body, no question. And to your point, (or maybe not your point but I'll make it anyway) our "realistics" may vary - but realism is all over the place. So it just comes down to preference. And speaking of the Gravity slider - that is my favorite torso editing tool. I usually don't touch anything else - but I use that all the time to tweak myself into different kinds of clothes.
  6. Most people commenting in here seem pretty seasoned, but for those wading into all of this new, trying to figure out which body; what hair: who's clothes; skins; AOs; etc. etc.... it can seem endless - there is a little cheap HUD available in the Marketplace (several versions in fact, but all do the same thing) called "What is She Wearing?" or such like. Find someone you think looks good and it will tell you everything they have on. Pretty helpful when you're starting out.
  7. Hi Avalyn - so...in MY opinion - and thanks for asking - the Legacy Perky body is spectacular! The most natural and beautifully designed mesh body I've seen in SL so far. I've had none of the issues described in this thread. No additional problems with lag - even in packed places; no crashing myself or others; everyone seems to see me to IM me to chat.; I rez quickly - basically I have had no adverse issues. My 750K Triangles seem perfectly happy living along side everyone else"s. And as you will see with the demo, the breast upgrades solve many of the problems I've always had with mesh bodies
  8. Yeah, sorry - I'm not in the loop on all the hatred directed at TMP/Legacy in this Thread. Did they run over your collective cat? When I bought the first TMP body, I heard little snippets of frustration from designers that TMP was somehow difficult to work with - but whatever. They developed something totally new. If I had done that, I would probably be protective of it and a little difficult too. And I'm not sure where "trust" comes into it. They aren't politicians or house sitters. Near as I can tell from what I read here, their crime is that they are a small Second Life company th
  9. This conversation about the price of the new Legacy Perky mesh body can be applied to anything mesh in Second Life now. Have you shopped lately? Look at the price of some outfit fatpacks. Bottom fatpack is 2500L; Top fatpack is 2500L and a "Super" fatpack with both for 6500L!! For ONE outfit!!! And don't EVEN get me started on Mesh Heads. But it is all SO great! Mesh has made my Second Life worth living. But, granted, it is expensive. And that is because it is very time consuming for designers to produce - especially to the level of quality Legacy produces. If it is TOO expensive, don't b
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