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  1. You just reminded me of a Jira I submitted once on a alt. I asked LL to consider adding age restriction to the region control panel, aka letting us custom set the minimum amount of days old an avatar had to be to enter a region but their excuse was "beyond the scope of our current capability at this moment"
  2. So bring back the old sign up method of choosing a first AND last name when you create an account is the thing to do. As I said in an earlier post, if you are going to do it then do it properly. Properly is not trying to milk every last penny out of a community who's pennies have already been milked several times over. You should charge for those that want to change their current name and allow new users to sign up with the choice of a first and last name. #BringItBackProperly #LabLogic #GetItTogetherAlready #YourUsersAreTalkingPleaseListen #DiscussItHereAsNotEveryoneCanMakeInWorldMeetings #RestoreOurFaithInTheLab
  3. Mostly with my friends it seems to be based on how filled out your profile is. Personally I don't care much if someones an alt or not. I have several alts myself. But what I see most people looking for is how filled out your profile is, if you turn up with no picture or an empty info box or a scantily filled out profile and you haven't created your account in the last few days then people will take you as a alt and for some reason make it into a super big issue. It does seem to be aimed more at resident accounts but I think that has to do with the griefer and troll culture in SL, its too easy to make a throw away account and grief a sim. I know several sims that have been the victim of repeated grief attacks from some a-hole creating new accounts over and over.
  4. Seriously, guys come on. If your bringing back first names bring them back for all residents including new accounts. I get you want to milk more money out of the community but seriously. If your bringing them back then do it properly. Give them a choice on creating an account whether they want to pick a last name or stick with resident. I feel like you guys at linden labs go one step forward two steps back sometimes
  5. It will be available at account creation. At the linden Q&A last month it was stated by ebbe somewhere that new accounts will be able to create with a last name and current resident accounts will be able to change theirs, for a fee
  6. My question is, why do you care. I see you keep pushing this issue and these comments over and over in this thread but iv been around since 2007, been part of many different communities and for the most part I see people who have reasonable usernames. There is the occasional person that has something like "PeterPetter1991" or "myusernamesucks" but who honestly cares, most stupid names are just trolls and they will always be a part of SL no matter what. Number names and stupid usernames have been around since SL opened its doors, what would you rather...being forced to choose your first name from a pre built list also?. I welcome back last names, worst mistake linden labs ever made was removing them. Its been so long since I have seen another ling in world. It was once like being part of a larger family. If anything, removing last names caused an increase in number names and stupid names. At least with last names if you wanted say "Coby Fuzzlebutt" but annoyingly it was taken yet "Coby Fizzlebits" wasn't, there are at least other options to choose from. Having said that I have a few resident alts and I have yet to HAVE to use numbers or pick a stupid name, it just takes a bit of creativity.
  7. I have to ask, why did you pick the number then?. You could have chosen ANY name starting with Anna or containing Anna. Or picked a entirely different name, you didn't HAVE to pick one that had a number. I have a few alts in SL that i use for different stores, a building alt etc etc and i have yet to resort to picking a name that contains a number
  8. You realise the Jira is for Bug Reports AND Feature Requests right? and the Lindens react very well to suggestions. Perhaps you should actually look at the Jira once in a while and maybe attend the creator meetings each week where they actually discuss upcoming changes AND ask the residents who attend for their views, opinions and ideas on how to improve Second Life. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Content_Creation_User_Group
  9. I created a jira a few days ago suggesting to linden labs what they could do to improve premium. 1024sqm land was one of the things i suggested. The current status of the jira is accepted and 14 people have voted on it so far. If you want to give the jira a vote to show the lindens that we are serious about wanting these changes then you can vote it up and comment on it here https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-202551
  10. Hey so after reading through the different threads the other day on the latest premium perk being offered i created this Jira to give suggestions to linden labs on how they could ACTUALLY make premium more appealing as opposed to token gestures like "90 days of transaction history". So far 14 people have voted it and its status is currently accepted but if you could spare a minute to log in to the jira and vote it up i would greatly appreciate it. The link to my suggestions are here : https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-202551 thanks
  11. Nooo not gambling, sorry. As in arcade games, greedy, poker for fun, video gaming etc etc
  12. Hey, im not sure exaclty where to put this so im going to put it here and if the mods want to move it they can do. I have opened a new Anime and Gaming hangout zone if anyone is interested. There are chill out areas, games you can play, twitch screens you can stream your games in world on, a pool, stores to rent and alot of random other stuff scattered around. If your interested in having a new place to hangout you can find it here : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ancient%20Rune/128/6/1508 Look forward to seeing anyone who wishes to join us! :)
  13. I understand that they are trying to push mainland a little here by giving them an extra 2500 avaiable prims over a full region, but, do you really think thats going to encourage more people to buy a mainland sim. Looking at the facts : A. Mainland is a extremely laggy place, for me at least, always has been always will be B. Trying to find somewhere on mainland that is cheap and affordable to buy as it is, is near impossible with most avatars wanting to sell their land on at 7L Sqm if not more. I have seen several sims on mainland for sale in recent weeks with the prices ranging between 300k and 500k.....who is paying that?. Ok you save 100usd a month on tier i get that but you dont get access to region controls, as i stated above mainland is hella lag ridden, you barely get any terrain controls, its highly overpriced by the residents who own it and if you simply rented privately you can aquire your land by just simply paying your first weeks tier. Surely they should have just boosted private regions to 22500 alongside mainland. What do you guys think, do you consider mainland worth it?
  14. I was friends wtih this person going back 6-7 years ago and i then took a years break from Second Life and came back and havent seen him since. Both of his accounts are inactive and cant be looked up in search but im hoping that someone may know of his old accounts and if he is playing on any new accounts. His two accounts were Brett Dawg and Kotan Nightfire He was active in the anime community mostly but had friends in other communites also
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