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  1. lol let's try this again my Mediterranean home
  2. Hopefully I can post the pictures of my med home:)
  3. I love seeing everyone's decorating ideas. Keep 'em coming
  4. I came across this too! Part of the fun of GOH finding all these places
  5. Horses love salt blocks too 👍
  6. Where has this year gone but yay for Big Spash! Time to get my water wings on!
  7. That’s like a Kardashian ranch lol
  8. No Ranch home available ☹️
  9. Well poo. Hope there are some when I can try this evening fingers crossed 🤞
  10. They must be getting busy. I have an alt that requested a campsite and its been about 4 days
  11. I love these videos! I love seeing how everyone is so creative!
  12. I think Sinny was our distraction ...because we STAYED there like Hansel and Gretel lol
  13. Dang..that would make my head hurt lol ...and here I was feeling guilty about 2 alts ..but whatever floats your boat I guess
  14. Poo for some reason I do not see your signature . Can you post the link to you blog, please? I need ideas!!! : )
  15. Thank you! I was wanting to ask yesterday to see how everyone was decorating but RL kept interrupting , lol . Love all the colors!
  16. This is my OL stilt and I have access to the water
  17. The Tortuga or Lauderdale are what I am leaning to. Love the photo😍
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