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  1. Uniquely shaped, atoll coral grass and on a slight slope this parcel is nestled beside a protected roadside great for a horseback ride or a relaxing cruise down the highway! Create a roadside rest stop, camping ground, park, home, farmstead, business or skybox just to name few! Parcel is set up with a unfurnished cottage with some landscaping. Everything can be removed; will count against your prims if kept. L$ 1163/week for 2114 prims Atropos> Click here to visit!
  2. You can *buy* it and make it yours, pay the tier to LL if you're a premium member! That's right, we're letting you have the opportunity of the Second Lifetime to get your hands on some of our Prime land, dirt cheap! You wouldn't have to pay tier to us if you didn't want to, you'd just have to make sure to be a Premium member.
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