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  1. Mainland parcels start at L$.65/prim* Excalibur Rentals, founded in 2005 has several great properties for rent on the mainland. We highly encourage you visit our properties and/or Rental Office to see how they would best fit your rental dreams. We take a family approach to doing our business and value our customers and the business. We are breedable friendly! Our agents will be happy to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have, our agents that are online can be found at the rental office here Excalibur Rentals Office Grab your rental destiny by the hilt, rent with Excalibur Rentals! We're also an Official Inverse reseller, so you can purchase your house and decorate your parcel, right at our office! If there is a property that you like but it's just too large, we can adjust the size down if it makes sense to do so. We do not charge a premium for water frontage or road frontage and some we have are very large. In the event you want one of these properties divided we will likely divide it down the center rather than give all road frontage and then have an unappealing piece of property tucked away behind it.
  2. Double-check to see if you're trying to rez your item on group-land and you're not wearing the group tag, or you're trying to rez on a mega prim or mesh. All 3 will give you the same error message. To fix any or all 3, wear the correct group tag and make sure that the spot you're trying to drop your rezzed item is not a megaprim or landing on mesh (which loooks like a regular prim or sculpty) You might also be landing on abandoned land or Protected Water. Please check and see if your build is overlapping your parcel boundaries and hitting someone else's. I hope this helps!
  3. Come and check out Excalibur Rentals http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Diablerets/91/163/99. There's a land list when you hit the greeter map, or we have agents who are more than able to help you Fenris Ash, GM, Excalibur Rentals