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  1. thank you. not sure how or if i can delete this
  2. thank you Emma. i sent it to an alt and it worked perfect thank you
  3. hi. i made a nice texture hud for a cabin, which works perfect when rezzed inworld, but i wanted it to attach to bottom right when the customer chooses "add" from their inventory. i have been looking all day trying to find out how to have it attach like that and i cant find anything on it. ive looked at http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/HUD and a ton of other hud tutorials but most say to right click and "add to hud", which i dont want. I'm only assuming it is a script that adds it to the hud when u choose "add" maybe im wrong?
  4. yes, the owl file was inside. yes left click was not doing anything. i was told i had to "run" the script, which i did, and it works. it just doesnt shut off when u touch it lol. good enough though, thank you
  5. hi thank you, i did what you both said and got no errors! thank you! but it doesnt work. in fact there isnt even a touch choice if i right click the owl
  6. hi. im not a scripter, and can only work with scripts when they have instructions in them. i have an acquaintance who gave me this script for a build im doing that has an owl in it that i wanted to hoot every 40 seconds, but i wanted the customers to be able to touch the owl to turn the sound on/off. turning it on would play the sound every 40 seconds. so he sends me this script to fill out but it doesnt work. it always says syntax error(2, 0) right before "default" first thing i did was show him how i filled in the times and names and i was told it was correct and that i should rel
  7. hi, i was inworld looking at houses and the one i wanted to look at had a few avis in it already, so i cammed in because i didnt want to interrupt them if they were having a moment, and as i panned around the woman her eyes followed my camera no matter what direction i moved my camera the eyes were locked on my camera. it was really strange yet cool. ive seen security cameras follow ppl but never someones actual eyes. I tried to find them on marketplace but had no luck. Does anyone know where to get them?
  8. you're probably right, i was having a lot of issues yesterday also and ironic that you mention rezzing issues i just now am having rezzing issues on my own land! strange times
  9. Hi, I use mouselook 90% of the time I'm inworld, and normally I can just left click a door, a small hand comes up for a split second and the door opens, out of nowhere it just stopped working. Now when I left click a door in mouselook nothing at all happens. I couldn't figure out why so I did a clean install of Firestorm, and it worked again. but now today (a day later) it doesnt work again. I went and made a test avi to see if it would work, and it did. I walked thru my entire house in mouselook opening each door and closing them behind me. Thinking maybe it was one of my settings, i copied d
  10. ive had the exact same issue im glad to know it isnt something in my settings. i have been correcting it the same way by choosing midnight then back to region. i wish they would fix it
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