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  1. hi, i was inworld looking at houses and the one i wanted to look at had a few avis in it already, so i cammed in because i didnt want to interrupt them if they were having a moment, and as i panned around the woman her eyes followed my camera no matter what direction i moved my camera the eyes were locked on my camera. it was really strange yet cool. ive seen security cameras follow ppl but never someones actual eyes. I tried to find them on marketplace but had no luck. Does anyone know where to get them?
  2. you're probably right, i was having a lot of issues yesterday also and ironic that you mention rezzing issues i just now am having rezzing issues on my own land! strange times
  3. Hi, I use mouselook 90% of the time I'm inworld, and normally I can just left click a door, a small hand comes up for a split second and the door opens, out of nowhere it just stopped working. Now when I left click a door in mouselook nothing at all happens. I couldn't figure out why so I did a clean install of Firestorm, and it worked again. but now today (a day later) it doesnt work again. I went and made a test avi to see if it would work, and it did. I walked thru my entire house in mouselook opening each door and closing them behind me. Thinking maybe it was one of my settings, i copied dwn my test avis settings, and applied them to mine, but still nothing. i logged back in as my test avi to see if i copied the setting correctly and guess what, left click in mouselook stopped working, which was working but 10 minutes before. has anyone ever had such n issue?
  4. ive had the exact same issue im glad to know it isnt something in my settings. i have been correcting it the same way by choosing midnight then back to region. i wish they would fix it
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