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  1. I consider myself a medium-big player, increases like this hurt a lot. The level playing field where the top land barons have negotiated deals for lower tier? Where the select few are allowed to have extracted connected to the mainland?
  2. More price increases? Feels like there have been more price increases in the last few years than all of SL history! What benefits are there for these higher fees because you may list them but I’m not seeing them.
  3. I don't have any at the moment but due to Linden Labs now blocking my ability to sell L$ in order to pay hi (very high) tier fees, I am working on getting something now but it will take quite some time. I will likely have 2-3 months of Tier I will need to pay before I can verify. They keep repeating that I need a license or expired license, so I'm just going to close the ticket and pay tier from my bank account for the next few months while I sort out getting ID they will accept.
  4. Greatly apparently. I don't have any of the ID's accepted to verify my account. Under advise from a SL group I contacted support to ask them what I can do as I don't have the ID they require. They have now asked me to provide some other documents along with an expired drivers license. I don't have an expired drivers license because I've never had a drivers license in the first place! So now I can't submit a process credit request at all, and to make matters worse they are now stopping me from selling L$ which means I can no longer pay for my tier by selling L$ on Lindex.
  5. Great reasons to rent from us All Rentals come with a money back guarentee! Dont like the area? Can't fit your build? Need more prims? Contact us within 48 hours for a full refund of anything paid. Prime locations. Competitive rates All land can be used for both residential or commercial purposes. Friends can be added to the rental, giving them the power to rez objects (just click the rental meter and use the "add tenants" option. If you have any questions please contact myself by IM. See you around Double Prim Region Size P
  6. At the new cost of approximately 10 movie tickets per premium account per year, I will be downgrading my alt. I am currently paying for yearly premium accounts for family members and their alts, we are now planning on downgrading to basic for all accounts except 2. For the extra $27USD/year you want to charge me you have given me no benefits or reasons to value premium higher than before. Why bother paying for premium when even in tickets I am lied to outright.
  7. This parcel is 144x144m in the middle of Langholm There are just 2 restrictions with this parcel which are different from any of my others. There is something rezzed in the sky which cannot be returned. This does not come out of your prim allowance. The parcel name and description cannot be changed. Due to these restrictions, this parcel is being offered for the low rate of L$3000/week. The rental meter is located at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Nautilus - Elissa/219/134/29 and you will be sent a group invite automatically.
  8. Well if they are going to stick you with some random avatar, then they really need to improve the tutorial for changing avatars.
  9. Interesting, I don't see that on PC, and I just checked my phone, it gives me a few avatar choices and no gender option. Robot?
  10. At least that gives you choices... the new SL Signup page does not give you any choice at all.
  11. So it seems the signup page has changed once again. At first, I thought it was just an image change but it seems you are no longer asked to select an avatar when signing up. It seems you are given a randomly selected outfit instead, seems like a bit of a step backwards if you ask me.
  12. Sailable Region Size Prims Price Tags Bobbintail 4096m² 1406 L$800 Sailable Steinhauer 4096m² 1404 L$800 Sailable, protected view Aluluei 2016m² 692 L$390 Sailable, roadside Bailywick 1536m² 525 L$300 Sailable, protected view Double Prim Region Size Prims Pr
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