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  1. Hintswen Guardian


    Doesn't stop a large number of people still doing it.
  2. Hintswen Guardian


    I'm going to hold you to that!
  3. Hintswen Guardian

    What would be worse? pt 2

    I would much prefer Option #1. I need to teleport around a lot for business purposes, and getting charged L$50 each time would ruin me, not to mention getting charged to teleport would cause people to leave. If you were exempt from the charge if you either own the land you are teleporting to or are a member of the group that owns it, then I would prefer Option #2 but once again it could be the death of SL.
  4. Hintswen Guardian

    15 Years - 15 Plans - Let's Review

    The only thing I'm waiting for seems like it will never be added
  5. Hintswen Guardian

    What exactly does SL have over every other platform?

    I have a screenshot from a time I used my sofa gun, shot a few sofas out and had some people walk over and sit down with me on someone elses parcel.
  6. Hintswen Guardian


    Didn't realize E2L was still around.
  7. Hintswen Guardian


    As I already stated, I don’t buy to flip land for profit. The majority of my requests over the last 3 months have been parcels I wanted in order to preserve pathways, waterways, to ensure no one makes something out of theme in the space or in order to hold the land for neighbours until they can afford the tier. All of these reasons are for the benefit of others, not myself and yet I am still denied. The few that I have not submitted tickets for have been extensions on land I already own or to add to the prims of another parcel I own there.
  8. Hintswen Guardian


    Why should me being a "real estate person" affect anything? At the end of the day I am paying tier just like anyone else so my requests should be treated the same as a request from anyone else, not to mention you clearly have no idea what I do saying it's not to be flipped for a profit. In all my years on SL I have sold maybe 5 parcels ever (excluding any parcels I've sold for L$0), the majority of this would have been when I moved my office as I sold a few parcels around my old office at the time (after having them for a few years).
  9. Hintswen Guardian


    Lucky you. All my requests get denied or sent to auction.
  10. Hintswen Guardian

    Please let us see bots.

    In that case then, LL needs to enforce their policies... oh wait that isn't going to happen.
  11. Hintswen Guardian

    Please let us see bots.

    I always thought it was a chat message, turns out it's a notice for gold rush, chat message for fish multipliers. I turned off the group notices long ago.
  12. Hintswen Guardian

    Please let us see bots.

    Yes, people do use bots to send group notices, especially in cases where something starts at a specific time or is triggered by a certain event eg. Linden Gold Hunters uses a bot to send a group notice any time a gold rush starts. There are 37450 members in the group and during a 1 hour period, there were 4 notices sent out. That equates to 149800 messages or almost 30 times the daily limit in just that one hour period. I have seen stores use bots to announce the weekend deal so the creator doesn't need to login, or to announce the monthly group gift when the month starts.
  13. Hintswen Guardian

    Please let us see bots.

    This policy REALLY needs to be changed. Under this policy, a bot cannot send a single notice to a group with more than 5,000 users. This about that... a popular store with 5,000 members in the group cannot use a bot to announce a sale or special event.
  14. Land: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Treefoot/128/128/32 Rental Meter: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Nautilus - Elissa/219/138/29 Short and sweet
  15. Hintswen Guardian


    Presumably, it will be just like the current Linden homes, you just request one on the site. As for enforcing the look and feel I would presume you are forced to use one of their houses, and just like the current linden home regions, they actually will remove things that are out of theme. it seems to be the only thing you can AR and actually get a Linden to action nowadays.