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  1. I am a graphic/web designer with 4 years of experience. I have ran my freelance company for 3 years as well as working for various companies IRL. I have even worked on projects in SL for a couple of clubs. I am looking for steady work in the ways of: Web design, hosting, & maintenance | Advertising Graphics | T-shirt graphics | Logos | and more. I am available to be hired full time or on a per project basis. I have also worked as a GM, Host, & DJ. My current website is centered around content creators, but here is a link to showcase my quality of work: http://lcemgraphics.com
  2. Yeah the land is just a small area and is all in one building. It's just over 1k traffic after about 3 days of being active. I am hoping they buy ad space but I have a feeling they may not was just hoping there was a group or forum section or something that would be a good place to announce the boards lol.
  3. Hello, I recently set up some land and the traffic is growing at a good rate. I am wanting to sell ad space, but I am not sure where to advertise that. Do I just go around to different store owners and club owners asking them to advertise on my land? Is there a better way to do this?
  4. Hello, I am looking to set up a small business and I only need between 200 and 500 prims.
  5. Hello there! I am Zethnos (or just Zeth for short). I am located on the east coast of the USA (Timezone EST/EDT). I am a male over the age of 18. Yes I do use voice. I only speak English. My avi is over 3 years old. The only times I can not be on SL are: 4pm-8pm: Mondays - Wednesdays SLT 2pm-8pm: Thursdays SLT DJ/Host/Manage - (I can also train DJs & Hosts) I have been a DJ and Host for about 2 years in SL, working in various clubs and doing private events. I only play metal and electronic music. As a DJ I have hosted myself in many clubs where they wer
  6. Well I don't have a ton of items, but I am going to put more than one together in a bowser or two so I won't need one of everything sitting out. And the venders I am going to use to sell them are about the size of tip jars I believe. I didn't really want to start off with a store and outside area, I was thinking about buying land big eough for the building itself and just have everthing inside. I was hoping to cut some cost that way haha. As far as how long I am using the land. I am going to use it until it starts bringing in enough money to pay for itself and makes a little profit, then I was
  7. Alright cool. The only thing to do then is attract the initial group of people somehow. Like with the club gestures in return for advertising. Now as far as the land goes, about how many prims and how many sq m is a decent size to start out? 200 prims at 36x36 m?
  8. Cool, I'll try it out then. Thanks. Now would it be better to set up my shop on someones land that rents shop space because of foot traffic, or would it be better to se it up on my own small land?
  9. Yeah I guess I could go around and market to some DJs and club goers that love weird gestures... Shoot I could even talk to some club owners and make gestures specific for them and see if they will advertise me in return... Might work. And as to your question about why not graphic design. I dislike 3D modeling with a passion... I don't like trying to make clothing. I am actually trying to hire someone to make me some stuff haha. But, I have no idea what I would even design. I mostly make things like business cards and posters IRL. I do some fantasy, freestyle, original art on the side though.
  10. Okay, how would I market DJ name drops and gestures?
  11. Well I really like DJing and people say they love my voice.... Would DJ name drops, voice overs, and gestures sell well? How would I even make a store for that if I did them?
  12. Well I love being a DJ... I would love to have a music club, or maybe even a comedy club.... but I doubt I would ever be able to make it popular.... just because it takes soooo much to get the name out there. I really dk what else there is... I have not really made anything so I don't know what to try out that I might like. I have tried making cloths... don't like it.
  13. Drake1 Nightfire wrote: System layer clothing will fit anyone.. Thats the non mesh clothing that applies directly to your avatar. Appliers work with mesh bodies to apply directly to them. How much will it cost to have something made then that would fit anyone that I can sell/give to people?
  14. Hey everyone. I was looking for some advice. I am currently a DJ. I want to try and save up some money from being a DJ to buy my own land and start some type of something to make a little extra money. I am not looking to get rich or anything like that. I don't really want to start a club, because there are so many clubs out there that I don't think I could spend enough time to actually make it popular. I thought about trying to make a store, but I don't know what I would even sell... I hate trying to make cloths, and other than that I have no idea what to make and or sell other than like gestu
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