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  1. Moonrise in EEP enabled viewer. Firestorm 6.4.5 (60799) Jul 22 2020 22:31:10 (64bit) (Firestorm-Betax64) This is nice, but the shininess in materials is totally too strong. Avatar skin with slight shininess which in Windlight viewer looks very nice, but in the EEP viewer it looks like very heavily oiled skin, especially so with local lights. All things which have materials shininess are badly broken in EEP.
  2. Derailed already... so... 😁 😜
  3. Relaxing on tropical beach. 🌴 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Eden Gateway/16/98/22
  4. Mooring somewhere in Bellisseria. I still like the traditional Linden home themed regions the best. ❤️ 🙂
  5. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/SSPE1207/129/89/64 View towards east. On the west side of this small island there is rez point for small boats. (Windlight used: [TOR] MIDDAY - Nostalgika)
  6. Head: Genus 'Classic Face' Hair: Exile 'Yvette' Body: Maitreya
  7. The stone texture on the patio is called: "LDPW_TAH_Porch_FlagstoneMossy" It's in the old Linden homes (Tahoe) texture pack. The texture pack is still available for free here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tahoe Springs/146/119/28
  8. I abandoned my log home which I had for few weeks and took camper instead. The nature in camper regions is quite nice looking. I might keep this one until the stilt homes are released. (All images here are raw ones with region default Windlight.) Outdoor kitchenette to make food. Night view There is small Linden water pond nearby. After the pond fun it's good to have shower to clean up.
  9. Measured with prim, my avatar's height is 1.78 meters.
  10. Moonrise in Bellisseria out in the sea. (EEP enabled viewer was used.)
  11. Foggy weather. You can see one avatar warming up inside the sauna at lower right. 😁 (Windlight: "Silent Hill" in Firestorm viewer)
  12. Scenery from stilt homes preview region at SL17B. Something to stare at while waiting many months for the actual release. ❤️ 😁
  13. I made one more perfect spot to watch the boat traffic. Small extension, for a table and two chairs, on the swimming pool deck. At North Waddling region.
  14. Lucky letter board gifts from Safira - skirt and top. There are also separate matching sleeves in the top package.
  15. (Never mind, LittleMe was quicker... ) 😁
  16. The situation of having two exactly the same purpose threads is not good. Most annoying thing is that some post exactly the same snapshot to both threads. Hasn't it been the general rule in the forums that "do not make double and/or multiple posts" of the same thing to various threads? So to return the situation back to normal either thread should be locked down ASAP - or even merge the two threads into one single thread. https://community.secondlife.com/forums/topic/405992-how-does-your-avatar-look-today/ and https://community.secondlife.com/forums/topic/456871-what-does-your-avatar-look
  17. I have the same problem, my avatar's height is 1.78 meters measured with prim. In all adult sized Teegle horses my legs go inside the horse. The only exception is the Arabian where the legs go just slightly inside the horse. (The Pony is ok, but it's a baby horse.) I wonder would @Teager be interested to create a horse better suited for the not very tall avatars?
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