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  1. Night at pool. I have lots of local lights in my parcel. All can be switched on/off individually, some in pairs, by clicking them. I have not (yet) used automatic on/off day cycle scripts in them because Windlight and EEP day cycles don't go hand in hand.
  2. Ok, thanks for the clarification 🙂. I didn't know that Jarvinen is indeed a last name used in the US. Anyway Järvinen is the name which has its origins in one northern European country. What has happened is that when the first Järvinen person arrived to US as an immigrant the name was immediately anglicized as Jarvinen. I think. 😉
  3. Also Linden Lab last names team who made the error to write the real name Järvinen as Jarvinen. Aaargghh... 😲 🤪 Jarvinen is not a last name. Järvinen is. The dots in letter ä do have purpose and meaning, they are not just some "not very important decoration".
  4. It's RAW time 😉 🙃. Partial screen capture with Gyazo from Firestorm viewer, DoF on. Nothing done to the image, it's just as it was seen on the screen.
  5. I use Gyazo to make short videos. There are many free online converters from MP4 to GIF. Those converters can do many other things too besides just converting.
  6. Animated GIFs work again in the forum. Some time time ago there was always "error -200" when trying to post GIF-files..
  7. Flamenco. ¡Olé! 🕺 💃 😀 [Photo by: @2nis Sands]
  8. Not me, but my seldom used alt. Dusting her off a bit. 🙂 🙃
  9. Indeed, the moon visibility when it's low, close to the horizon is totally destroyed now. It's just a very dark barely noticeable disk. Earlier the moon was very nice even near the horizon. The EEP appears to go the route "fix something, break something". 😠 Happens in: Second Life Release (64bit) @Linden Lab
  10. Sunset at Panamole Canal's street. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Kirbee/176/131/23
  11. Exploring places. There was also one Orca (AKA: Killer whale) in this same place. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dreamers Island/77/68/21
  12. Nuve (formerly known as "Spicy"), inworld shop: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/ZoHa Islands E/27/204/295
  13. Maitreya body and Genus Classic head. Using "Luna" group gift skin from Nuve. The skin covers both head and body. No neck seam problem. 🙂
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