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  1. Thank you for the replies. I much appreciate your input! Will have to consider what to do. Some of those means I used in the past. I'm a little surprised that Flickr is still relevant nowadays.
  2. Having read the current forum guidelines, it's only 'playing nice' to have a signature with a link to your business, which people can hide anyway if they refuse to see signatures. I recently relaunched my photo studio in SL and despite getting nice relevance in search results, getting people to come in is not that easy. I once did business in SL as a photographer and had happy customers, but being found nowadays seems to be... erm... pretty difficult. Is there any legit way to advertise on the grid and in the "Community" without violating terms of service or wasting money on hopeless
  3. A common thread in many of the replies here is that many residents have valid practical reasons to find it hard to advocate the use of SL to those who aren't already around. Having been on the platform in the past, I've learned to put up with the limitations although I'm baffled by the fact that some have not been addressed after many years. What will a new user think if they are told to join? It's pretty easy for anyone to say "I can have more fun and better graphics elsewhere".
  4. Hmmm. SL has a few practical problems if successful promotion is going to make it "a big thing". I'd look at how it scales first. Have a limited number of avatars in a scene and you have nice graphics at a high framerate. A few more avatars or more intense scenes quickly ruin that. Without better resilience at scale, it's pretty hard to promise anyone the most immersive and addictive experience, which they might get elsewhere. The cost of land is also another sticking point. Ownership ties people down, whether in RL or in SL. The current cost of tier makes it pretty hard for many peo
  5. That's because the people you dealt with were more keen to show their editing skills than to properly capture your avatar. "Getting it right" is the name of the game in photography, with a good eye and sometimes just a light touch. Alright. I'll set up my photo studio again. I think I can fill that little gap between the "upload price" and those who want to dazzle with filters.
  6. Broad question: Are there still people who like to have a "professional" photographer to take and enhance pics of their in-world avatars or creations for either profile pics or other purposes? I used to run a photo studio where the most commonly used service was to make custom pics for people who wanted better than the snapshots they were able to take. Just wondering if, based on your knowledge, if there is still a need for that kind of thing.
  7. I want to thank everyone for their help here. I picked up a few pieces of flexi hair that truly improve my styling 😀
  8. In what regions is Emotions? I don't find a clear result in search.
  9. That recommendation worked better than I could ever have expected! I found a better rendition of my favourite hair style, with finer textures. Thanks! 😀
  10. Hi all, I have a classic avatar and I'm quite happy with the wardrobe I built in the past. Hair, however, is another matter. I'd like to have a couple of extra options for short and braided. It seems that the stores where I used to shop back in the day have moved on to mesh and alpha hair. Any recommendations for a place or two where I could find flexi hair?
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