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  2. Blocking the object itself should work, too, if it's something you are tired of hearing (I imagine hearing all that would get old real fast).
  3. For now, you can rez on your own parcel. Rez zones are almost certainly on the way, but not laid out yet. I imagine it's sort of like the way that city planners decide where to place parking meters and parking lots. See how people use the land and what they ask for instead of laying out all the details first. BTW, I really like the name of your region (not continent). San Jocoso has a playful sound.
  4. What's the back story to the character? Or to the game? It's an interesting idea, Gopi, but I suspect that you're not going to get many, if indeed any, takers on this. Avatar design tends to be a very personal thing, and while you'll certainly see pics of avatars dressed as favourite anime, movie, or video game characters, they tend to be characters to which the photographer feels a personal connection for some reason. I certainly can't see myself expending time and effort (not to mention money) on designing a look, however "cool" it might be, with which I don't feel a personal sense of engagement. Unless of course you can really make it worth my while. How much is this "prize" you're thinking of offering . . . 😉
  5. We're all about the MUSIC!! Today's ROCKIN' Line UP @ The WOLF DEN 12pm - 1pm DJ Prachi is live in the Wolf Den bringing you her eclectic mix of feelgood club mix music 4pm - 5:30pm Beatles Concert in the Concert Plaza outide the Club 5:30pm - 8pm DJ Siouxie carries on the rockin' inside the club with the after-concert-party mix of Beatles Mashups and Remixes at 5:30pm, and Pandora's Box at 6pm 8pm -10pm DJ Jude takes over the decks with his Magic Carpet Ride, a mix of the "Four R's": Rock, Rap, Remixes and Rave music, and always a good time! Come along, join us to have a ROCKIN' GOOD TIME We're all about the MUSIC!! Location: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Serenity Vista/206/45/25
  6. Not sure if she is a hero or a villain -- perhaps a bit of both -- and little is known about her except that she is the grand-niece of Toshiro Mifune. Please use this one for the magazine!
  7. When you are beginning, it is natural to focus on functions and syntax. It is the same way when you are learning a foreign language. You learn lists of words, hoping that you can communicate by substituting them for words in your own language. That's not the way that languages work, though, and that technique only gives you a superficial start at learning. The same is true with writing programs or scripts. The functions and syntax are important, but the heart of a script is logic. If you do not understand what you want the script to do and cannot put your thoughts into logical terms, all the functions and syntax will not help. Instead of focusing on how to do the job, focus on what to do. Even after working with LSL for 12 years, I always refer to the wiki descriptions of what each function does and how to make it work. I do that because I do not care to keep all of that information in my head. I can look it up any time I need it. What is in my head is a road map of where I want my script to go. I think in modular terms, starting at the end of the maze of logic I must construct and looking at what decisions the script will need to make to get there. When I start writing the script, I attack it in pieces. What sort of information will I need the script to gather? How will it know which information to ignore? How will it know when it should follow one path rather than another? I begin with a very high-level map in my mind, as if I am viewing a journey from a great height, and then I start filling in the details as I understand the logic that is evolving as I get further into the project. Scripting is the process of gradually building the logical framework that will explain how the beginning is connected to the end. Steph is giving you good advice. Other people's scripts may not be "poorly coded," but at the very least they are not your work. They don't express how you understand the project. They are someone else's road maps. Study them for guidance, but write your own scripts. Start writing small things that you can wrap your head around, not things that have so many twists and turns that you will get lost in them. Be patient about practicing small skills. The script that you have presented here needs so much work that no one here can tell you what to do without completely rewriting it, and that's your job.
  8. Wandering the streets of Nunox. Raw shot -- sometimes the local lighting just works out.
  9. You just have to see it to believe it, its a beautiful house with three bedrooms that are beautifully furnished but you can decorate how you would like, the whole top floor in three story house can be yours if you want plus a bedroom. Price is negotiable anything helps. Im me in world or message me on here if interested at all
  10. If you've done everything that you want to do, and seen everything that you want to see, and met everyone that you want to meet, and you have no desire to do, see or meet any more, the only logical solution is to close SL down, uninstall it, and play something else.
  11. Indeed Zoya... they are setting the bar high and I see already that we’re going to reap big rewards in more and more high quality low land impact items! WoOoOoOoo HOoOoOo!!
  12. You had me at "shopping"... lol
  13. Original and femine bodies cosst 5000L, for ones who already have TMP deluxe-2500L. i tried a demo, and stylemode Hud seemes a bit better,then it was)) will you try new TMP legacy body?
  14. Today
  15. I hope you have a safe trip, Li'l. I also hope something unexpected happens, so I can hear about it.
  16. I went on a ride the other night (first tried a golf cart and almost ran someone over crossing a sim line) and so many gorgeous homes! Realized I need to up my decorating game. I don't want anyone to see my home atm LOL hopefully I will be able to get to it either tonight or after Easter.
  17. I love the flexibility that renting provides. I have mainland parcels that I own, and all too often when I get bored of an area, or just wish to relocate, I will abandon or sell the parcel for a ridiculously low amount and so have never actually either profited or broken even from land ownership. Time and again I will go back to the landlords I have rented from in the past, as my SL focus shifts to their area, as it is so much easier to come and go. I'm currently situated in Satori, and so the new Linden Homes have not drawn me to indulge. I did look at the houses when they were previewed but have yet to visit the new continent. Should another Linden Home continent appear that would say, bridge Sansara to Satori, I would definitely look at them with interest. Their ease of acquisition and disposal would certainly give them the flexibility I enjoy from rentals. I am a multi parcel enthusiast though.. I travel, and I like to have places that I can travel to and loiter, and so the Linden Home would only ever be one of my parcels. For those that prefer to just have a home, it could be that the rental business would lose their custom.
  18. I don't sell vehicles but vehicles paintings.
  19. Because the form of access control that would give you the warning at the beginning of the teleport is only available for a full region/homestead that the occupant has estate-manager level control of, and most places you're trying to go to don't meet those criteria.
  20. I love that pic! I think I like cycling around the most because it’s slow enough I have time to look around and pause to admire all the beautiful creations the residents are adding. All I’ve seen has been so impressive and worth all the time, attention and effort it took to provide this new continent!
  21. What OS rollback ??? Are you saying they actually rolled back to pre-EEP (crosses fingers)?
  22. If you're selling vehicles then you need to find a way to allow a potential customer to experience it. It's not just about how it looks, more importantly, is how it drives. Either provide a time-limited demo in Market Place or in-world (at least 15 minutes) or a temp-rezzer to rez a demo in world. I cannot count how many times I've seen a gorgeous boat and never bought because I could feel how it drives. Because that, for me, is the deciding factor, even more important than how it looks. Just my too-sense, nothing more.
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