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Multiple Marketplace Stores

Diane Soulstar

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Wish Linden Lab, would have allowed to create multiple stores per avatar. Maybe limited to 2 or 3 stores per avatar. Many times a creator has multiple talents and they could have segregate their builds. Ex. Clothing, Shape/Appliers to Decor items. A Creator can design cloth same time also create appliers or make decor items..... wish Linden Lab listen to this idea some day soon :) 

In this way, they can get more commission also. :-)

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1 hour ago, Diane Soulstar said:

Wish Linden Lab, would have allowed to create multiple stores per avatar. Maybe limited to 2 or 3 stores per avatar. Many times a creator has multiple talents and they could have segregate their builds. Ex. Clothing, Shape/Appliers to Decor items. A Creator can design cloth same time also create appliers or make decor items..... wish Linden Lab listen to this idea some day soon :) 

In this way, they can get more commission also. 🙂

you can use alts for that

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Greetings all!

While I am not privy to the inside stuff that the Marketplace team is working on, I can say from personal knowledge after working on and with the Marketplace for the past 10 + years that multiple stores per account would not, in any way, be something "easy" to do, if it is even possible with the code that the Marketplace is built on. 

Currently, all information is done by account. So all sales information, reports, etc.  If multiple stores were done under each account ALL of that information would need to be coded to be split up so that it is recorded by User & Store name instead of just by user. 

While using alts isn't convenient, pending any actual change to the Marketplace system to allow users to have multiple store fronts, it is easier to use alts for tracking and recording purposes since each "store" will record their own information separately.

Merchants /can/ set up their own Marketplace to work within the way the system works currently, but it is far easier to do from the start than to try to change things around once a user has a lot of items listed for sale already as once a seller has a lot of product listings, it is easier to just use an alt and set up their own store with the different products. 

This is done by creating a "brand" for each type of offering and then ensuring that every item and listing uses that brand. For example, if a user sells both clothing and furniture, then they should have 2 different "brand" names for each section.  For example, the clothing section could be named something like "ZBestApparel" and the furniture could be named "AwesomeInteriors".

Every product and product listing would then need to be named either AwesomeInteriors - Product Name or ZBestApparel - Product Name.   Reports can then be downloaded, saved,  and then imported into a spreadsheet that can be sorted in the spreadsheet using the brand names where the seller will be able to tease out information regarding each brand that would't be natively available just by viewing the information on the Marketplace. (which is why it is easier to just use an alt after a store is established and has lots of listings)

Using brand names that have extremely distinct names, like ones that start with A and Z, (or any other "brands" that use names with letters that are at least 3 or 4 apart in the alphabet) means that buyers can sort the sellers store by name A - Z or Z - A and see only those items that are part of the specific brand.   Buyers can also search the sellers Marketplace Store for only listings with the brand name itself to see all items under that brand, assuming the seller doesn't put both brand names in the keywords on every listing (which would be keyword spam, by the way). 

Users who sell Gacha items can do the same type of thing to separate out their Gacha listings by putting the word Gacha at the start of every listing for those items.  So a listing for a Gacha item would be "Gacha - Product Name".   When they download their reports, they can then use the spreadsheet options to filter sales reports to show total sales for those items in a different field on the report from their other items. 

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13 hours ago, Dakota Linden said:

Non-answer made of already known info that basically tell "we're not going to work on code to improve things, it's better to just leave it as is and make the users hoop around" 

Sure, thanks for the already known and herein already noted method consisting in using alts. That's exactly the point of this thread, using alts might be easier for YOU at LL as it means you don't have to work on a feature and find it more convenient, but it's not the case. Using the same account for different storefronts is more convenient, for various reasons, some of which already noted in this same thread. 

But I guess it's just the same as usual, words thrown in the void. 

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I love this idea! I've had this thought often as I hate having to maintain more than one avatar for my businesses. I have to keep my full perm away from my regular line or I could wind up with customers upset that they expected something other than what they bought. I think we should be allowed to create 3 stores. It's less wasteful than all of these extra avatars who accidentally inflate how many avatars actually play SL.

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I understand why you say this, I have 2 stores as I wanted to separate my main brand from full perm resources I create for merchants and initially I wished we could just have several stores under same account, but after a while, I realized existing system (alts) works, plus it allows me to separate stuff in two inventories so I have less clutter on my main account..If you want to have all stores under one brand, just keep the name and add a sufix (home, fashion, cosmetic etc).....You can also just transfer lindens from alts to your main and cash out from there, I had no issues getting my limit raised based on income from both stores. (ofc I only cash out on one, if you did on both, I guess they`d view it separately)...the only inconvenience of using alts is having to log in and out a few times...

again, I had similar idea initially, but after a while I realized system works just fine as it is...also, allowing multiple stores per account would create tons of issues with full perm resources (meshes, textures, scripts, vending systems etc etc) as those are licensed to one avatar, so if that avatar has 5 stores on the same name, it would mean they are allowed to use the item in question in all 5 stores...I wouldn`t be happy about it as I already see where it could lead; ppl spamming same stuff on multiple accounts which they aren`t doing now only cause it would mean re-purchasing meshes/textures more then once...another downside of one account/multiple stores would be inventory...and last but not least, it would require some major changes of the entire inventory based delivery and MP system and I don`t think there is much to gain from such an investment compared to simply using alts...

If they ever choose to update MP system, there are a few things I feel are more so worth the effort, i.e. creating  multiple items listings and unlisting, or sale option to just apply a percentage to entire store instead of going through each listing individually, setting a default view for my store (i.e. newest first, which can be changed by users ofc), demo system (something like local textures perhaps, a temporary test that allows only person who`s testing to see it in world) etc...

btw no LL would not get more commission, they get 10% of each sale, whether the item is sold in store A or store B, LL cut is the same...

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From my point of view as full perm creator, having multiply store fronts would mean better visual communication with the customers, making them aware of the existence of restricted perms items. Every merchant had situation where problem occurred just because customers do not pay enough attention to the details  - let's face it, many people do not read info! On the other side, it leaves space for manipulation attempt to those who are fully aware they are buying restricted perms item, leaving review "they thought it was full perm" asking for full perm version. Taking in account the price difference (let's say FP engine is 13325L$ and personal use version is 1180L$) we all see where it leads. I can not complain, LL is removing that kind of review very quickly and I'm very grateful for that, but still it is stress.

I am not naive to believe manipulation attempts/honest mistakes would be completely excluded by having separate stores per account, but would be lowered for sure.

The point of the multiply stores is what would be listed per shop, not upload or after process of tracking and recording purposes. For me it is totally fine to have all records in one place as it is now. Records and all options that Casper web page offers are way more advanced than LL system anyway, so it is easy to track what ever we need and in what ever way we want  in there.

So, in my imagination system would work something like this

- every shop would have its own setup page to hold general info about the shop (banner, name, info, policies ... )
 - upload: as it is now
 - listing: would offer in what shop item should be listed on MP
 - sales, records, transactions ...as it is now
- the shops would show separately in the search

What that would mean in the terms of coding i don't know, it is nuclear physic for me.

But I would like to stress one more thing: what is easier for LL, cost creators a good money. Somehow I never saw full LL's awareness on full perm licenses so have need to clarify some details.

Second life sales are avatar account based, not real person behind the screen. Most of full perm licenses are not allowing transferring items between accounts, regardless who runs them.  Even issue reporting is not acceptable from the avatar who didn't make purchase of the item - I am willing to help, but only if I speak to actual customer who made purchase, not hers/his alt.

So, if one would like  (for what ever reason) to start somewhat different business, and if that person wants to respect the full perm creator license conditions, he/she would have to re-purchase all items needed, and sometimes we are talking about hundreds of real US$ dollars investment. Or one may decide to brake the full perm ToS and to simply transfer full perm items to another account, hoping never to be discovered. I have every reason to believe the later is happening more often than we are aware and that only rare are discovered.

So, no, modify/copy and transfer, doesn't mean customer may do with full perm item what ever he/she wants, full perms items are sold under very defined and strict terms of usage. Some of the licenses are going even into sale price details and what can't be sold as standalone item but only as part of the set. After 10 years as full perm creator, I believe I have every right to say that we are maybe the most vulnerable category of sellers.

Second, I don't see any reason why one, who have made good reputation for his/her business in SL after years of hard work, would not have a chance to use that reputation starting a new line of business. Lets say, one has been making fashion items and at some point would like to start furniture shop - why that person would have to start from the scratch as alt, from complete anonymity and to invent 100 different ways to explain the customers it is the same person behind the work.

So, "brand" trick is unfortunate workaround, relaying on customers capability, will and knowledge to use search. We are witnesses that process doesn't always work even with current system.

Of course, multiply shops per account would have to setup some rules, business would have to be really different than current one - furniture shop for chairs,  another for beds and another for tables,  just to have control over search on MP pages, is not acceptable. But full perm items with personal use versions - yes. Completely different business - yes.

I am sure there are more pros and cons for multiply store fronts, but one always may open another shop under alt account, right? Think that the rest of us should have a chance for discussion about all positive sides of this idea.

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So, how about expanding on the idea of a BRAND and allow merchants to have multiple named Brands within their single merchant account? So, each Brand could have its own banner and landing page. When we upload products, one of the fields in the edit panel would be to select (and add/delete) the brand for the product. In the data, it would be one additional field per product. We could then filter our reports by that column. 

In listings, the link that currently shows "Store Name" by "Store owner Name" could be changed to BRAND NAME instead. When people click on the brand name, it takes them to the brand landing page. 

Having worked in eCommerce development since the 90's I don't see this as a massive change. Merchants with multiple "brands" could even have a Landing Page for the primary parent entity. In most eCommerce systems that I've worked with a "Brand" is just another kind of "category". And, just like Categories have a hierarchy, brands can too.

So, say you start a new merchant account under the name of "My Cool Brands", and then define 3 brands "My Cool Clothes", "My Cool Furniture" and "My Cool Prefabs". 

Products would be linked to both "categories" and "brands". Every merchant would have 1 default brand but could add multiple Sub-brands. So, yes, it would require code changes, but they do not seem that significant. Core functionality would not change. Sales, reports, transactions, would all take place exactly as today. The brand is really irrelevant to them. Brand is simply a categorization issue. So, changes would be needed in:

Brand Management (new): Add, display, modify, delete brands. 

Product Edit Page: (for adding and editing products) Add a field to select a brand for the product (and potentially link to the Brand Management functions).

Default Brand Landing Page: the default brand landing page would be the current landing page for the merchant. If the merchant has one or more brands, display a filter control for brand. Anywhere the BRAND name is shown, make it a hot link that takes the user to the Specific Brand Landing Page. Technically, from an implementation perspective, there would only be one landing page, but based on the parameters passed and the brand hierarchy, it would display the appropriate Banner and have the appropriate brand filters.

For example, a link to https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/<store number> would generate the default store listing.


A link to https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/<store number>?brand=<brandID> would generate the specific brand landing page

Product Listing Page: Change the store name/link to a Brand name/Link if the product is in a brand

Product Detail Page: Change the store name/link to a Brand Name/Link if the product is in a brand

Reporting: Add a column for Brand and allow sorting by brand

There may be a few other areas where changes would be needed, but this doesn't have to be SUPER ROBUST and FULLY FEATURED. It would be nice, but its not necessary.

Anyway, just some thoughts...

As far as Casper and other systems, they would be unaffected. As far as they would know, a product is a product.; a sale is a sale. Hover, they COULD add BRAND if they wanted to offer an enhanced functionality.

For me, the importance is the FRONT END, ie what the customer experience is. I can deal with the back end and figure it out. I just would really like to have the ability to have separate brands.


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