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  1. The shopper can filter items in your store based on the categories you have put your items into. So, yes, there is already a system to do this. In order for people to find other "like" items you would use what the previous poster said and simply choose those items to affiliate them with. This way when someone is looking at one of the pieces they will see the others at the bottom of the page. Also, when you list the items, if you do so one after the other, they will be listed this way. When someone comes to your store page they can then filter your items by the categories you have listed your items in and can also choose to filter the items as "new". I honestly wouldn't worry about it. Just make sure you state it in your item description that other pieces are available. Just remember that people will often look to go to your store in world if they want more of a certain item you make and are curious what else you sell this way, but but lost their patience for MP shopping. I also advise you use the most specific category as possible when you list your items. Don't just use a main category.
  2. I have two MP store fronts. Yes, it's more work if I upload everything from one avatar, but my items on my second store are full perm. I never have customer issues with someone buying the wrong item. Most people who buy from full perm brand do not buy from my main brand. It's just a different marketing area/need, so for me it works to my advantage to keep 2 stores. My main store sells a mix of things and I do admit that marketing can be a bit more of a struggle than if I focused on one specific thing. But, try to tell that to my inner child while I'm creating and it falls on deaf ears.
  3. If there happens to be someone doing something against the TOS and getting away with it, report it and find something meaningful to do with your white privilege. For example, how about addressing the real problem in the world of human slavery that consists of all genders, including children, that are sold in the sex industry. We should be thankful that cootie virus has cancelled major sporting and entertainment events so that there's less places for these people to be sold. There really are actual things hurting people in the real world, you know. Sticks and stones... you ever hear that idea? The big problem with addressing the original problem is that most people do not understand that after launch a gaming company drastically reduces their staff and since this is the real world employment of those who have to go through your every complaint, we are talking about hiring more people. Do we want to increase the cost of SL for everyone, including upset merchants already upset about merchant fees? What platform will there be if the fees keep increasing? The moral of this story: Report what you find is offensive and don't forget there are really dangerous things happening in the real world that need your help. Something to think about after lock down. Policing speech isn't going to actually help anyone in any way other than feelings. I bet those sold in the sex slave trade are hurt by far worse.
  4. I feel ya. When the first virus was confirmed in Detroit area they had a newspaper article that tracked where this man went. It was something like he flew in from Italy or England and ignored the talk of the voluntary quarantine. This single story turned into 4 others doing this and before we knew it cases were doubling. At first, I felt like sick people will finally realize how selfless they are when they participate in the community when they are ill. They put people at risk with just the flu and the shedding from flu shots. If they were more aware of their surroundings and their community we may not have the draconian lock down we have here in Michigan. But, sadly, people have to suffer before they understand things sometimes. Stay healthy!
  5. You really need to eat your own advice. For myself and for everyone else, I'll do what I thought you were going to do and mute you. Just because you don't agree with me doesn't make it hostile. You just don't like what I have to say because I've not validated your feelings. My point was that this is what I am sick of and I am allowed to vent just like others are. You are the one who took everything I said as hostile because you can't handle the truth. Since I have not lived on the forums for the last 10 years to get the cred you have, I accidentally had the notification thing on otherwise I would be reading on the things I was researching in the forums. Find something productive to do.
  6. Let me say this a little more clear because this may have been missed in my giant post. I do think we need to rely on our federal government. But, my gripe is that people are just pointing fingers and blaming. My rambling was set up by the idea that people think the federal government is supposed to supply us with everything we need for any relief, when it's our state's responsibility and in order to get aid from the federal government they have to file to declare the state of emergency with the feds. That's where increase funding happens. That's the way it's supposed to work, that we need help so the feds send us help. I feel like all I was hearing was people want Trump to do nothing because they don't like him nor his innovative way of thinking. It is uncomfortable for them to have a conversation if they don't like the person. I am all in on the idea that the money we put in should be coming back to us. I do not like centralized power and that's where my real gripe is. I think it can be a very scary thing if we have a society that never learns these things and then accepts it in our future. I am more over Trump bashing than I am hearing about covid-19 and staying home. I am totally over hearing people pointing fingers and blaming, no matter who it is. Often, it's coming from the people who don't have much to be complaining about in the first place. If there was a strong political statement that I want to make it would be that we need to hold our local elected officials responsible for everything they are doing to affect our daily lives. Many people can't even name their state senators or their local representatives. I would like to see that change. A friend of mine the other day said, " I didn't realize we had a state congress." When you write emails and make phone calls, it does something. When people point fingers on the internet it's not only pointless, but it's the very bullying atmosphere most are against. With that said, I am done on the forums now and won't see anymore alerts. Thank you for listening. That's what I thought this thread was for or I would have never posted.
  7. Awww! I'm sorry. Did I not follow YOUR rules again? I am seeing a pattern here. You don't like when you can't control other people and their opinions. You're not used to people challenging you. I know and I'll learn to obey. We wear pink on Wednesdays, right?
  8. The point of what I am saying is that when it comes to a crisis we are not supposed to take orders from the federal government and that our states really are supposed to be responsible for an emergency. The constitution does not tell anyone what to do. It protects our rights. My problem is that people look to the federal government and it's been programmed into people's minds to do so. I stand by everything I've said.
  9. You must have ran that through Snopes. Or maybe you just automatically agreed because you think she "got me" somehow. You really do need something to do, huh?
  10. Oh. I'm sorry. I must have been dreaming when they were used on my son's skin as a disinfectant in the children's hospital. I love how you know it all. You must have experienced it all. Pardon me for sharing my experience and existing. I didn't realize I was excluded from sharing if I didn't say something about hating Trump. Y'all need some yoga. Seriously.
  11. I know I am responding way late, but I wanted to add something about the way I see competition in the SL retail market. I think there are a lot of factors that not everyone is considering. For example, the biggest retailers do not have the best quality so much as they have visibility. Behind most well known brands are at least 5 or more bloggers in various positions to advertise in various ways and they all have their network of advertising to their following. There are bloggers who devoted themselves to nothing but advertising for brands by blogging on their social media, those who run events that are well advertised, and even bloggers turned to brand creators themselves. Another thing is utilizing SL advertising web sites and services, but most importantly putting your items in the right event. I have been experimenting with events the last year and have found that it doesn't matter how much advertising power an event has. If their following isn't into what you sell, you may barely see your event fees back in your pocket. Yet, put your item in the right match and walk away with 50k lindens in one day. I have a very small full perm store in addition to my main brand and I passively make lindens over time with zero advertising. I don't even believe anyone who shops my main brand would want my full perm stuff. I think they find it completely by looking for full perm on the MP. We always have slow periods in SL, but I have seen an increase in my sales since people have been home. You'd be surprised at how much money you can earn by creating a well made sim mini hunt or how much advertising a good gift in a common gift/freebie group can be to bring in traffic to your store and income that ads up very fast. My advice: Do it. Experiment. Create. It's good for your soul! It's the hard work that will be the greatest reward of your success!
  12. Yes, I'm so nasty for wishing people didn't have to fear germs the way my family does. I'm so nasty for caring about wanting options. Seriously, do some yoga. Try some meditative breathing. You aren't here to care about anyone's feelings, but to have your own validated. I was never angry and I truly do not care what you think. Just so we're clear. Who's calling who names here, eh? Thank you for your permission to carry on. You must be a socialist. I forgot that I should ask you for permission for any move I make or word I speak.
  13. You're so cute. You have an alleged medical degree and replied so quick you showed that you have ZERO empathy/sympathy for what I shared and are only here to get attention for your ego. LOL You lost your credibility with Snopes. You didn't hear Trump's words. You just want to complain. You want to feel justified or something. C'mere. If I stroke your ego for you will you calm down? I don't plan on validating your politics today. Next time, just start a thread that is titled: Stroke my ego about my politics because I am right. Might save you from opinions that aren't yours.
  14. You are welcome to do the research yourself, but use a different search engine than Google. Despite what you think you know, it's common for "alternative" therapies to be offered when there are no other choices. I was once told to look into UV as a treatment option for issues my son has from his team of doctors at a well known children's hospital. From what I remember, there's a few ways they do this through a technology that inserts a device through a ventilator, which allows doctors to infuse the inside of the lungs with UV light and they also do a radiation like version where they really do inject you with it. My son has had UV therapy multiple times and these things come up when you are speaking to a doctor, desperate and afraid that if this isn't good enough then there's nothing we can do for him. They have been doing it for a very, very long time. As I said in my first post, I feel bad that people like you are now living in "our world" where my child has lived with bleach baths to keep him from being in the hospital with skin infections and his medical team has used not so common treatments to keep my son alive as we dealt with the mystery of why he scratched himself till he bled and for about 9 years of his life didn't have skin on many areas of his body. When you are looking at life and death, you look into any treatment possible. I respect the president for his willingness to do this, despite the fact that most people aren't used to these treatments that people don't commonly speak about. What I just shared with you is something I have never shared with people outside of my family because it's so sad, like what all of you are experiencing now. Like Trump, when these people looked at my son with tears in their eyes it was my job to tell them everything was alright and would be alright. I'll take hope from anyone. I'll take ideas from anyone. Try it all so that because my son has only been a "normal boy" for about 2 years now and it will break my heart if he is stuck indoors playing with friends again, isolated the way he used to be forced to be. Be thankful that you never had to know about this treatment for any reason before we spoke. I'm thankful that you and many others didn't until I just mentioned it. I don't want people to live in a bubble the way we have for so long. I fear that if my friend with cancer gets it, she will die. Yet, prior to the hospital procedures being stopped, she was almost done with her treatment. How long will it be until she gets her radiation? What if she gets covid now, or 2 years from now? I want hope. I want people coming up with any idea they can.
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