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How to send an object into my Marketplace listings (I mean how to sell)?


I need help! I'm new to selling things on marketplace and I DON'T FIND AN ANSWER TO THIS ON GOOGLE! So I've copied my object that I want to sell to Marketplace listing. (I have Firestorm Viewer by the way). Then Marketplace listings open with the folder where my object is in. Then I go to my browser, open my Merchant home on marketplace. I click on manage listings. BUT IT IS EMPTY! What should I do? Did I miss to do something? 
First I do the object in Second life world. Then - tell me the step by step please. Because as you can see, English is not my mother language. And I am desperated haha :/ 

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You are in SL now.  Don't use Google when you want to learn about Second Life.  That's why we have the Knowledge Base (the tab right at the top of this page).  Read

and then look at all related articles.

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5 hours ago, Madelaine McMasters said:

And I recommend caution when using Google to learn about real life.

in general i often point people to google, often typing the question itself comes with the right solution, because most are asked at least once before :)  [edit : oops should have quoted Rolig....sorrrryyy]

Of course there's the danger only old answers come up.

In this case it's even easier, because OP has a question about her/his shop.. so where to be?...

8 hours ago, TopixEmo said:

tell me the step by step please.

in your shop, there is a step by step manual there to help you set up the whole store thing. ( and in the language of your settings)

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