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How long does it take before object spam is taken care of?

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My parcels and all surroundings sims are victim of object spam.


They fly, they flicker from blue to red, they make a terrible noise, and they multiply themselves. I have send AR reports, ask visitors to send AR report as well, but LL does not react. The situation is like this for at least 36 hours now already.

I send a ticket as well, they did react but cannot do a thing, I must wait for response to my AR.

Is they AR team actually working in the weekends? Of must I prepaire to wait it least till monday?

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They go through every prim, in buildings they just come through te roof.

Only thing I can do is return the rezzed objects to the owner. But this does not help a lot, cause five minutes later or so, I have like 88 objects back again.

They also appair on land where building is off or restricted to group.

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A Sim Sweeper, turned on it's side, might stop them, I believe that it is scripted, to prevent objects from passing through.

I could send you one... (if i still have it)

If it works, you might be able to put the script in a larger prim.

It's a shame, that this has not been taken care of sooner.

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Amethyst Jetaime wrote:

They have to be coming from a prim or prims somewhere up in the air.  If you can find the source and return it, it should stop.  If it isn't above your parcel, see whose it is above and enlist their help.

Use the script info in the land tools to help find it or them.  Sort by the owner's name.

I have been looking for something in the air yesterday. But as soon as you come above the level where there grief objects are rezzed, you come into a muddy clowd where you cannot see a thing anymore.

I did have a look at  the script info... all objects of this own are named object and have exact the same size, at least those in my parcels. So I guess that the source is somewhere else.

And that combines with how it started, some neighbours were already infected when it reaches my parcels.

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Couldbe Yue wrote:

afaik, the gteam was disbanded years ago.  if you've got a premium membership it might be worthwhile talking to support and seeing what they can do.

otherwiselook at it as just another cost of doing business in here

Ticket support had let me know yesterday already there is nothing they can to for me, it must be solved by governance team.

Then I also contacted live chat today, to ask for information about when these guys actually work. They are not allowed to tell you anything about the working hours of Linden employees.

But the frustrating thing with this whole LL support is: why is not somebody giving me the information do get here on the forum from other residents?

Turning off 'objects entry' does not solve the grieving, but at least give me a temporary solution, so I can run a business in world.

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Pamela Galli wrote:

Another sad and infuriating proof that LL needs to provide governance.  It's a virtual world, not a website, and people are trying to run businesses and have fun, which they cannot do with some governance.


@ Madeliefste - WOW, just WOW on the responses given to you by LL.  I am so sorry this is happening to you.

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I'm curious as to how long this is going to take as well, and what (if anything) is being done about it.  As far as I can see, this is now across almost a dozen regions :/

I've contacted all my neighbors about changing permission settings to get rid of the objects on their own parcels, and posted a notice listing all of the (currently) affected regions on my blog, in the hopes that we as landholders can at least contain the spread until LL can do something about it. 

Don't forget to ban the object creator as well, just in case the owner of the replcating junk fell victim to opening a grief-trapped freebie.  No way to know, so it's safest to block/ban both until it is resolved.

Has the gteam been disbanded? Live chat told me that they were still active, and would respond to the AR as soon as they are able?

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 3429 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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