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  1. The last time I looked, I still had mine too. I just treat it as souvenier of times past.
  2. it's certainly interesting.. I have around 300 dated 29/7 then another 50 dated on various dates between 31/7 and today. and the dates bear no relation to when they were uploaded, migrated from xls or listed and the closest I've been to touching any of them is looking at the manage listing page. I haven't even been inworld with any viewer. The unlisted items have strange dates from 2012 onwards and I still have the rogue listing that I can't delete that has been there since the xls migration! ah well, it's all good fun.
  3. my tuppence is that none of my sales from the accounts that run separate stores have reverted from the listing name to the item name, nor have any of the items that have not sold and I've still not done anything via the web or the viewer. this issue of reverting to the item name is interesting as that's the default name irrc for a listing between the loading of the item and the creation of the listing. I'm wondering if something is wrong and somehow the db is losing the listing name so it is replacing it (as it would) with the item name. Their geeks are in theory clever, I'm sure they'll wo
  4. I don't know if it does have something to do with the updates as I have checked my 3 stores (totalling around 500 listing) and they all migrated and I've had no issues with the listing name changing or anything else... well, I've still got the corrupt listing from the xls migration, that doesn't show on my manage listings page but everything else is fine. but I've not done anything with the listings on the website nor via the viewer. I'm laying bets there's issues around writing to the db from two different sources, or the viewer code is defective and that's why we're seeing failures or it
  5. lilfae wrote: Call me dumb, but why force an upgrade on us to some specially constructed way to manage our stores, if you don't even officially have the software out yet? I would like to know who your ideas man is, because he is clearly smoking some kind of pot. You thrive on stores making money, for you, and you basically cripple them by moving them to an unmanageable service, so nothing new can go up, nothing can get repriced, unless they agree to use a beta release viewer. Did no-one stop to think; "You know, this may cause us headaches?", How many even use an official viewer anyway?
  6. Blush Bravin wrote: Thankfully, I don't upload products to marketplace everyday and can even go a few weeks without making a new product, because I refuse to use the LL viewer much less a release candidate LL viewer. So I am on hiatus until Firestorm comes out with their VMM compatible viewer. I think that's eminently sensible. Hopefully it won't be too long until firestorm release the update.
  7. I watched the you tube vid of the office hour (or whatever they're called these days) and it appears that you have a system folder (like the current merchant out box) and in this you have folders for each item and each item folder can have sub folders and so you can use version control by renaming your folder to the latest version - which is one step up from the current marketplace where once you've sent it, it gets a bit difficult when you want to update. I've not used it though so I could be completely wrong. Only time will tell.
  8. Call me gunshy but I see all manner of hurt coming our way with this but then, what's sl without chaos to distract us from our business? It's all good fun, no?
  9. Ebbe Linden wrote: In an attempt to improve we made a few mistakes and caused some misunderstandings as well. We rolled back the changes and will work on getting it right. The team is looking at feedback and will communicate a plan for how to get there. I haven't been over here for a long time but your comment has made it completely worthwhile. Take that as you wish but don't ever mistake it for a compliment.
  10. Second life is still in the beta stage, so you can't expect a fully featured, working system. I'm sure they have a plan to transition to v1.0 sometime within our lifetime - or not.
  11. It's broken with 100% consistency - that's a record for them and makes it easier to work around. How often do they grant us that kind of ease of use? Yes, it is poor practice but so is everything else they do. Try to look at LL with a more objective eye and see them as they really are, rather than trying to hold them to the (for them) unattainable standards of a professional gaming company. We've all been guilty of assuming that they were trying to be a real company but the reality is that they're not, and they never will be because they don't want to be and as long as enough of the schm
  12. still trying to get rid of the Zindra plots.. now down to 8L/sqm. They've got protected river frontage and a pretty good view. If you want one and want me to size one down, drop me a line. The land tools make it too hard to chop them easily into nice sized plots so I didn't bother but I will cut you something to suit if it means I keep the land from the land flippers.
  13. I'm genuinely at a loss here to understand why it's so important. The transaction history is useless for marketplace transactions anyway since it doesn't tell you what has been sold, so you still need to go into the SLM transaction history. we'd all like them to do stuff properly but really we're usually happy with them doing least amount of harm as possible, which is what they have managed to do now they've fixed the payments. It's like the way they "fixed" the image problem.. at least that's fixed for most people now.. except for people like me (and Czari iirc) who still have a rogue pic
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