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  1. A break is good, or take into Taking pictures, I enjoy that.
  2. Would be great if she did, since everyone just takes pictures, having a drawn avatar seems cool
  3. You should create a flickr account, and post your work, there are many SL groups in Flickr. Remember to add it here so I can add you if you create a Flickr. <3
  4. Around 112 million people or more in flicker, to probably 1 million in a month in SL? maybe less actually online, the business in flicker if it was a Linden business wouldn't be from SL people but from all the Pro accounts and what not other than people from SL, although there are thousands in flicker from secondlife, cannot compare to whole total of users that flicker has already
  5. Try using Ikon eyes, they come with a hud, where you can position your eyes, front sides up or down, looking more like a look, and not a dead look, according to the picture or look you want, also there is a hud call Anypose, where you can also position your eyes
  6. a Nice Mask tutorial for Maitreya http://meshbodyaddicts.com/mesh-body-tutorials/understanding-mask-mode/ and below Belleza http://meshbodyaddicts.com/2015/06/30/mask-mode-tutorial-for-belleza-users/
  7. This is the way You see it, it is due to graphic card probably not good enough, the only way you would see it better yourself is using higher graphics, maybe medium or higher, definetely use High is you are going to take snap shots inworld, Other people with good graphics will see you properly
  8. If you are asking this questions, means you have not even tried a mesh body, you should try it, and find out all these things you need to find out, to like it I have all of them, I find Maitreya is the most easy to fit any other mesh clothes even the non fitted mesh, as their alpha covers a wide range of clothes But as I said, try it for yourself
  9. As said before, you do need to be around, explore learn and shop, do not expect people to talk to you if you look like a noob, unfortunately thats the way it is, I didn't like it when I first came in, I found it difficult to manage and didn't know what to do, then I asked someone where the shops were, how to change my avatar and from then on, all ok, find something you like to do, I enjoy taking pictures but there are many activities to choose from, good luck
  10. with the TMP is better to use their hands and feets, there are a lot of option on nails to buy for them from other creators, and tons of shoes made for TMP feet, that is if you want to use their skin and match all If you want to use other skins, you can use their head, and maitreya body, and slink hand and feet, or maitreya hands and feet, many skin made for that, glam affair, deetalez i m sure many more, visit blogs it is usually easier to find skin makers
  11. A long list http://slinkstyle.com/visage-head-appliers-store-list/
  12. they might "appear offline" to you, lot os people does that, but in some viewers you can see who hides, can't remember which viewers, it is a pretty silly thing to do, if they don't want you to see them, they should just delete, not hide, but that could be the case
  13. As previous answer, Maitreya has been updated to fit perfectly with Lelutka head, but I have used it also with defaul, and also with other mesh heads, like Fiore, and TMP, Maitreya also has the skins tones for Glam affair also in it already, and Lelutka was made to use with Glam affair, although creators started doing makeups to create different looks
  14. If they remove you, you won't see their name anymore either.
  15. it should be logged in your dashboard, in Transactions history, also maybe check your IM log, if there was a message should ve created an Im log or a notecard, but I think the easier one is looking in transaction history
  16. Clef de peau and tableau vivant have nice skins, also the mesh project TMP if you use a mesh body, nice pale skins, but it would be a bit over maybe around 900 to 1000 http://malefashionfeed.info/?cat=4423&paged=2
  17. they are not lelutka, lelutka does not have this head
  18. MINA hair https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/DEMO-MINA-Hair-Kaya/6903356
  19. it could be BEAUTE dragona mesh head, I have seen this Beaute mesh head with pepe hair of a different style, try the demo see if it looks about that
  20. I find that appliers is the way to go when it comes to matching skins, there is though a few programs to pick RGB, check RGB color pick, i think theres another called colorpic, but even when you choose a pretty similar one, there will be differences, find if your skin creator, does appliers just in case
  21. very interesting, looks like you have put a lot of work into it, a very cool concept
  22. I think anyone and everyone can and should post in forums if they want to, if they feel like asking a question that has been answered 100 times before in a knowledge database let them be, if you do not want to answer that questions for the 101 times, just don't look at the post, but do not suggest that just because someone post a silly post, is doing the wrong thing, that's my opinion, seriously, people that posts all the time in the forum sometimes think they have the Director stick, well you don't, me, I like reading and answering and I never make a forum question, because like you said, I go first to where I can find the answer but, man if they want to ask, whatever they want, that's anyone's right
  23. The position looks good, better than I have seen, the applier never works ok even when its the right skin, mesh mouths are good for pictures, but I never liked them to wear around, did you try PXL sweetlips, they fit pretty good, and you can use quite a few skins with them, but as I said, I think they are only good for pictures
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