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  1. LOL, tell me ocra, why are you here? why do you need relationships here, don't last long do they? why is that, lol.
  2. The demise of sl will be hard on you wont it, being one of the problems is just deserts don't you think.
  3. LOL, you have no idea do you, i have os sims and know the detail, they are not diff from linden labs, if you know how to look you will see old LL tech in there, lol, it is clear LL own os sims.
  4. Inworld use OS sims, these are free that you can put on your own machine, but they are not anywhere as good as second life, the reason being that they have software that was first used by LL, LL have developed their own and is very different for os sims, some say that it is the lindens that own open grid and the os sims development and deliberately hold it back so people come here, i have os sim on my server, but forget vehicles or anything you can do in sl as it wont work in inworldz, they disable a lot of things hopping no one notices, if your just into hanging about and talking then os sims are for you, but if you want function then forget it, you will find if you ask about function then the helpers there will get very hostile and boot you before you can say to much.
  5. I make combat systems, MSDCS., there are lots out there, mine is one of the fastest, has food and disease with drink and drugs plus free weapons, MSCB. V3.0 is the latest combat meter, but combat is sl is very dog eat dog, and a lot of makers sell cheat scripts, I don't, but the most popular ones have a side line of cheat meters so you always win, but are expensive, you can pay 20,000 lindens for a cheat script to add to your meter. Type msdcs in market place search.
  6. Well shows how wrong you are, don't go near them but some perves do come to my shop, so I have to be vigilant, I have been an estate owner and a business owner in here for over 5 years, I find your post an insult, any one turning up on my land loaded with xcite being under 5foot 6inches or naked is booted, any person that swears, or even says the word sex is booted.
  7. lol, ty, I don't have any more things to say, here I may have got a bad response, only cos you remember the first parts of the theory and got stuck there with unresolved issues, but I have been putting out the same bit for a week now in selected places, have got some very good responses, shows the difference when you don't have baggage, but as for sl, well when I joined it was a good business opportunity and I ended up owning 31 sims, but now it is not and is time to go.
  8. Well it will save me a lot of money, no more premium fees for all the alts, no more tier, no more shop, just one market place shop with out extras, so no money in anymore only money out into my bank account, so it is quite a saving, I will move the first 100,000 lindens out next week.
  9. It is really only a sex site now and unless your into things that you can't express in real life then this place has no meaning or purpose anymore, I am bored with it but what has mainly driven me out is the blatant double standards, some because they make the lindens money are allowed to abuse all they meet, so not just boredom but organized greifing is driving most out
  10. Only when I reply to one of your abusive post, but there are 2 standards here as many have pointed out and why they all leave.
  11. The Mayans said it would be the end of a age, and it is, the life we all knew pre 2012 is never going to return that life is over, now it is the age of super storms and meteorites, think they gave that age the name hell, could not happen to a nicer bunch of people don't you think, least it made some people happy.
  12. i hear the subject of the thread that is no more has started up on before it is news, same theory,lol, wonder who it is.
  13. You don;t find odd that this wacko is neither abusive and only expresses a view, yet gets banned, when a bitter troll is abusive in every post and is free to bully. But not every thing is gold, your not or are you.
  14. Well make the most of it because this is my last day here.
  15. I would have to troll a lot more to match you, but never mind, I know why they removed the thread, they don't want the human eace to wake up, 25 years ago when I first published the theory I was outcast, didn't think it reach here but you live and learn
  16. Good luck on finding any, I can't, I do prefer copy and paste and to write it all out again is a pain.
  17. Well at least you have all found each other, I don't belong in this thread so will now leave.
  18. For me this is bad news, but I am already changing every thing over to working without web sites or servers, means all of the games parts will be scraped, once I am done I will be able to abandon my land and have only a market place shop with just 8 items, the fighting dummies have always been popular and don't need servers, so they stay, the combat meter is now super fast not having to use the web or servers but means no trading or stuff like that, and the drone shoot will be released here, these are drones as the USA have them that have AI pilots and you can dog fight with, comes with AA guns and a points system, they have defense and attack patterns that are as near to real as I can get them, many in the beta sims on the main grid have seen them, plus the hats and canes, so just 8 items on market place, I will change my account to basic so cost here will be zero. I have made 100's of things here and it will take months to transfer them all to my own grid, this is OS grid and the vehicles don't work well there, but I am sure when I have left SL I can spend more time to make them work like they do in SL.
  19. I am using a escher sketch with 2 manual knobs, I don't notice much lag as I can't turn the knobs fast enough, but I have noticed the right knob stick, often in sims that have a lot of noobs in them, I get round this by turning it upside down and shaking it.
  20. LOL, that's just childish, I didn't say it would be here and gone in a year, I said it would start having affects last year and will last about 7 to 13 years, lol, this is just the start, this is also the last time or any of my alts will see or answer any more of your post.
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