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  1. One Advice: Don't make SL your sole source of income. Always expect things to go pear shaped.
  2. Well, tried it and the detection range of that security device ends above 200m. Good for aircrafts, unusable for ground effect vehicles. And it can change everyday, so this is not a reliable solution. It's worse in Herkja, where two devices are battling it out. Below 200m you get a 5 sec warning, above 200m, you get the boot immediately. So we can consider Rollo & Herkja as permanently closed.
  3. Ok, especially for you: From the last financial report I have seen, about 10% of the sales volume is profit. And the main revenue stream for the Lab is land tier. In other words: Reduce tier by a significant amount and the Lab goes full into red. And you don't want that, as it would kill SL rather fast. If you want to pay less, check out the offers at the big landbarons, e.g. the Anshe Chung empire. There you can have a homestead without setup fees and without the need to get a full estate first. And then there is still the mainland...
  4. Put the parcels you want to rent out into a Group. Make the Group Invite only. Set the Options in the About Land Dialogue as follows: Build:Group. Scripts: Group. Object Entry: Group. Fly: Everyone. Autoreturn: 1 Minute. If someone rents from you, you send out an invite, the tenant then joins the group and can start building. If you have to kick out a recalcitrant tenant, just remove the resident from the group. Remember to create different group roles, in these roles you can fine tune, what a tenant/officer/guest can do.
  5. Sephina Frostbite wrote: My cat loves to hit my monitor as I move the mouse around. I guess its just a cat and mouse game to her. Relevant:
  6. But then one can say, if all of them listed, noone can say, that one service is preferred.
  7. Eldexchange 3,23 Euro per L$1000,-- using banktransfer. They operate. Fees and exchange rates are given on the 'Buy'-page. Remember when comparing to use the SAME payment option AND the same RL-currency.
  8. @Phil Deakins: Search under Stores/Merchants for the Name 'vistabarns'. However, all items had been removed at this time. Finally.
  9. Of course he has. Leave out the space between name and surname and you get the right one. Plus, his fakes are still up on the marketplace. Including pics and descriptions stolen from the real Vista Barnes.
  10. Yes, the quick buy. But then there is the convenience factor. Plus, there are fees involved with practically all payment systems. With Eldexchange, the best rate was possible with bank transfer, as that incurred no fees on the receiving end of the payment and bank transfers are free on my bank account. I estimate the quick buy rate is the current LindeX quick buy rate plus the LindeX fee, plus payments system fee, plus reseller's costs. Just looked in the quick buy at VirWox, paying with Paysafecard yields L$179,-- for US$1,-- With a credit card you get L$215,-- per US$1,-- (based on a
  11. These resellers need to cover their costs, so expect a lower exchange rate compared to the LindeX. Especially if you want your L$ immediately. But then, getting a lower exchange rate is more economical to many residents than dealing with that credit card and paypal crap. And associated fees.
  12. Next week? Now I'm a bit excited - And well prepared: Firefox 4.4.0 / SL-Viewer 3.5.3 But to be frank, anyone complaining now should better shut up and update. It has been announced and discussed long enough here on the forums and elsewhere. This is quite different compared to the TPE-disaster, where the Lab created a megafail in terms of communication. Unlike loosing vital payment options, this is easily fixable.
  13. And a lot more, including my favourite: The full list
  14. /me tried the MP again, this time all boats came up. Strange. But then, other residents reported problems with the marketplace in another thread today (blank screen after page load.).
  15. Perrie Juran wrote: Getting back to Conway......the last thing he ever recorded. With Sam Moore. It's been rainy without him. R.I.P. Conway Thanks for that one. It's amazing.
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