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  1. New install on Linux Mint 19, Tricia Second_Life_5_0_9_329906_i686 Logs in fine, acting normal, but the boxes from the WORLD menu item are coming up blank. I can't enter in text to search on, and the destinations are showing blank. Firestorm does not have this problem, so it's an official viewer problem.
  2. Be a cat? Curl up in a sunny spot 22.75 hours a day to sleep. Spend 45 minute grooming your face, 15 minutes eating, 15 minutes pooping and peeing. Ignore all humanoid avatars, attack all canids, birds and small mammals. Destroy furniture. See, it's easy
  3. Saphire wrote: What types of software will I need installed in order to build/create. I'm wanting to create homes and apparel. Also are there any tutorials out there for beginners available? For texture editing - for system clothing, skin, prim and mesh textures - the GIMP ( www.gimp.org ) For messing with mesh - Blender Both are free and powerful. Tutorials are all over the web and YouTube ... just search for second life tutorian and whatever it is you want to do.
  4. I'm thinking about using Second Life to advertise my Real Life business. What is the business? Is it something that a scattered RL customer base is likely to need AND can they use your services from where they are? Answer those and you can get more help.
  5. what is needed is a new type of skin for models to wear. Instead of being ultra-realistic like skins tend to be, it would be bland, almost featureless, very much like a stylized and minimalized store manikin. I have one of those skins. I use it for trying on clothing because even avatars get embarrassed when visitors land in the house. I don't remember if it was a commercial PG skin or if I altered one of Eloh Eliot's freebies by deleting the naughty pixels, but it has all the sexiness of a commercial mannequin.
  6. Pamela Galli wrote: I think some creators charge the Linden because they want a record of it. Evidently the MP does not keep a record of 0 transactions? No, the marketplace does record 0L transactions.
  7. I have occasionally used Google's translator to make the initial contact with a non-English speaking person. Keep the sentences short, keep the sequence of events very clear, and the words very simple. And make lots of pictures of where you are having your problems.
  8. Nina Jashan wrote: Imagine you spend several weeks creating an item, and you finish it with pride. Your item is high quality and, in your opinion, worth at least L$350. You set a price of L$350, and make it full perm so that others can use it in their creations. A few weeks later your high quality item shows up selling for L$10 (with minimal change) near the top of its search category. A few weeks more, several other sellers are offering your item at L$10 to L$20 - not hard to find as they are all high in search. So, the item that you spent so much time creating, and that you were so proud of, and that you value at L$350, is now becoming established in the marketplace at the price of L$10, and it is being snapped up. This is not even mentioning those who give it away free to attract customers to their store. This happens!! After a period of time the sale of your full perm item starts to decrease. And this makes sense because why would merchants want to use it in their creations when their customers can buy it themselves for L$10? You just ran smack into the "make versus buy" equation. It may make economic sense for me to buy your full perm L350 item for me to customize as part of something I'm making because I lack the time or talent to make something you are good at ... happens ALL the time in manufacturing. Buying an off-the-shelf bit of software or hardware However, it makes no sense for me to sell my product at L$350 just to make you happy, because what I'm selling is NOT competing with your sales. My selling them for L350 puts NO more lindens in your pocket than my selling them at L35, or my giving them away. For the record, I'm not a merchant. My rl partner sells full perm items, so I don't need to do research. We know first hand. We never had price limits until this started happening over and over again. The price limits fixed the problem almost completely. We are not too concerned about inworld stores as sales tend to be slower there, but we still get reports from customers and check it out. Did it increase your sales? Or did it just stop modified versions of your stuff from being sold at low prices and making you unhappy? If I'm looking for parts to "kit bash", I'll skip any vendor with price demands on my use of their product. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kitbashing
  9. Wow ... she's really good. BUT: why can;'t we get mesh that flows and drapes like that instead of stiff forms?
  10. Trippolippina wrote: If that's the case: why I don't find any famous bank group in Second Life? What am I misunderstanding? Why would a bank bother to create a SL "branch" when they can do online banking on the Internet? Redundant and wasteful use of resources. Why would a bank's customer connect to the Internet, load SL, log onto SL, teleport to the bank's location and do some transactions when they can connect to the Internet, click a bookmark in the browser anbd get right to the bank's on-line presence? With a secure connection!
  11. Make sure is hasn't accidentally chyanged to "1" in the quantity field.
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