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  1. I'm SLOWLY (very slowly) editing the descriptions. For most items, because they are mod/transfer I always offer to refund their money if the give me back the product. Very few people bother to return it.
  2. I got low-star reviews on a couple of products, and because I don't deliberately sell crap, replied to the reviews asking them to help me troubleshoot AND tried to reach the customer in-world so I could see what was "broken" about it. I also gave a fresh copy from my inventory, in-world, in case it was the SL servers borking things. They never replied, never returned product. So I have no clue what to "fix". But I feel better after a short rant.
  3. It seems to be a bit region-related - even with a crowd of avatars, Luskwood was OK, and a different region not OK. And badly designed meshes for avatars seem to be a factor. So I set prefs to minimize the effect and will ignore the rest. But the Rambo-styled avatar with his boots circling his head, which was offset from his neck by a meter or so, and rifle up his butt was amusing.
  4. Updated to most recent Firestorm Linux release (according to them) ... still see floating body parts.
  5. My viewer is up to date, according to Second Life ... Firestorm Linux latest version is and mine is ... I'll update and see if it helps.
  6. Why am I seeing avatars with detached body parts and clothing ? It's this way with the most recent SL viewer and Firestorm - some avatars are a collection of mobile parts. Is it a setting I can change to allow for the complexity, or is the avatar's product badly made? Teo examples: the one with the dress at right angles and the guy whose head and hat are floating about.
  7. New install on Linux Mint 19, Tricia Second_Life_5_0_9_329906_i686 Logs in fine, acting normal, but the boxes from the WORLD menu item are coming up blank. I can't enter in text to search on, and the destinations are showing blank. Firestorm does not have this problem, so it's an official viewer problem.
  8. Be a cat? Curl up in a sunny spot 22.75 hours a day to sleep. Spend 45 minute grooming your face, 15 minutes eating, 15 minutes pooping and peeing. Ignore all humanoid avatars, attack all canids, birds and small mammals. Destroy furniture. See, it's easy
  9. Saphire wrote: What types of software will I need installed in order to build/create. I'm wanting to create homes and apparel. Also are there any tutorials out there for beginners available? For texture editing - for system clothing, skin, prim and mesh textures - the GIMP ( www.gimp.org ) For messing with mesh - Blender Both are free and powerful. Tutorials are all over the web and YouTube ... just search for second life tutorian and whatever it is you want to do.
  10. I'm thinking about using Second Life to advertise my Real Life business. What is the business? Is it something that a scattered RL customer base is likely to need AND can they use your services from where they are? Answer those and you can get more help.
  11. what is needed is a new type of skin for models to wear. Instead of being ultra-realistic like skins tend to be, it would be bland, almost featureless, very much like a stylized and minimalized store manikin. I have one of those skins. I use it for trying on clothing because even avatars get embarrassed when visitors land in the house. I don't remember if it was a commercial PG skin or if I altered one of Eloh Eliot's freebies by deleting the naughty pixels, but it has all the sexiness of a commercial mannequin.
  12. Pamela Galli wrote: I think some creators charge the Linden because they want a record of it. Evidently the MP does not keep a record of 0 transactions? No, the marketplace does record 0L transactions.
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