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Blogs, Forums, and SL Answers in Read-Only Mode Until March 2nd

Vogt Linden


As I mentioned last week, today the Second Life Forums, Blogs, Knowledge Base and SL Answers are now temporarily in read-only mode. This means that everything housed within the http://blogs.secondlife.com site is available for you to read, but you cannot post comments--or contribute content--until we launch our new community platform (http://community.secondlife.com) on March 2nd.

Get ready for a more robust self-help platform with powerful capabilities, including unified search, reputation systems, new community tools, and social media features. And, please pardon our dust while we transition over to the new system.

To be informed immediately when the new community platform is live, follow us at @Second Life on Twitter where we’ll be officially announcing the launch.


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March 3rd, Still can't post tickets.  It seems to accept the ticket but don't get an email acknowledgement and it doesn't show in History.

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How can I start a ticket on a billing issue?  How do I contact Linden Lab for help with a problem with my bill?  

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I need a question answered, not sure if this is the place to ask. If you use a saying in secondlife or a gesture that someone comes up to you and says hey you cant use this gesture or saying cause i have legal rights over it and can sue you in RL for it and have your account taken in SL. Is this possible, or even at all factual??

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Alright no matter what I do, I cannot make a payment for some $L's go through! I tried my paypal, my credit card, and it keeps giving me errors. I've double checked all my information and everything is correct! I dont get why it wont go through. HELP!?

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