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Security Measures for your Second Life Account

Linden Lab


Hello Residents!

Just a friendly reminder during cyber security awareness month about the security measures you can take to protect your avatar, your land, and everything in your inventory!

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA): Even if hackers guess your password, they won't be able to access your personal info or move money if you have MFA. More info on MFA - or just get started in setting it up.

Verified Emails: If your account is compromised, there are steps to reclaim it. But we need a verified email address to help do that. To see if your email address is confirmed, go to your Account -> Change Email page, and look for the √ Verified next to your email address.

Password Security:  Please practice safe password habits:

  • Don’t share your passwords with anyone!
  • Keep your password unique and special to Second Life. Reusing the same password across different platforms or websites makes your account vulnerable if one of those sites suffer a data breach. 
  • Choose a secure password with upper- and lowercase letters, numbers, spaces, and symbols, and avoid common dictionary words or phrases.
  • No Linden will ever ask for your password. Likewise, there is never a reason for you to enter your password to unlock an item, receive a discount, or anything else.
  • Use only the official Second Life Viewer, or a Third Party Viewer from the Third Party Viewer Directory. If the viewer does not allow you to log directly into your account for any reason, the viewer is NOT secure.
  • You can read more about keeping your information secure on the wiki at Linden Lab Official: Password Protection


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