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Welcome to the Zenescope Metaverse in Second Life

Linden Lab


Zenescope Preview-06 (1).jpg

Welcome to Second Life, Zenescope fans! If you are new to Second Life, read on for some quick tips and tricks to help you get started...


Do I need a Second Life account to enter the Zenescope Metaverse?
Yes. If you are not already a member of Second Life, then sign up for free!

I am already a Second Life member. Do I need to sign up again?
No. You can use your existing Second Life account to participate!

What is Second Life?
Second Life is the Internet’s largest user-created virtual world already experienced by millions of people across the world. Participants can use text and voice chat to socialize, explore, and create together across thousands of unique virtual world experiences and communities. Almost everything you see in Second Life was created by the community! 

How do I get Second Life? Is it safe to download?
Second Life can be downloaded and installed on a PC, Mac or Linux. Once you register, you will automatically be prompted to download the Second Life Viewer. You can also manually download the Viewer directly from the official Second Life website.

Installing Second Life is safe and secure -- it does not contain any malware. 

Does Second Life work on a mobile device or tablet?
Not officially. While there are some experimental third party Viewers, attendees of this event are strongly encouraged to use a desktop-based Viewer.

Are there any tutorial videos for getting started?
Yes! Check out our New User Video Tutorials on YouTube for tips on customizing your avatar and getting started in Second Life. These are available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Turkish, and Polish.

How do I change my look?


The fastest way to change your look in Second Life is via the avatar button. A pop up will appear with several new looks to choose from. Just click any look to instantly transform your avatar. You can watch this tutorial to see how it works.

Feeling more ambitious? You can craft an even more complex avatar if you want to spend a bit of time and money. YouTube has several tutorials that can help. You can also shop for a complete avatar on the Second Life Marketplace.

How do I buy things or get Linden Dollars (virtual currency)?

Learn the basics of shopping and buying Linden Dollars in this video tutorial.

How do I talk to other people in Second Life?
For many locations, voice chat is disabled but you can chat with text either privately or publicly to other attendees. To chat, select the "Chat" button at the bottom of your Viewer. A pop-up will appear where you can type in your text chat. If voice is enabled, then you can hit the "Speak" button to talk verbally to others in your immediate vicinity.

How do I control the volume within Second Life?
In the Second Life Viewer, look for the speaker icon in the upper right and hover your mouse over it to expand to a pop-up selector that allows you to change the volume on various audio sources in Second Life. 


How do I take a picture in Second Life?
Taking pictures in Second Life is simple! Just click the snapshot button in the Second Life Viewer and then save. Don’t forget to share your favorite snapshots with your friends!


How do I explore more in Second Life?

In addition to the special Zenescope Metaverse area, Second Life is a huge virtual world filled with both public and private experiences including virtual nightclubs, fashion events, art exhibitions, social hangout spots, and much more. Check out the Destination Guide to see a directory of thousands of places. Once you see a virtual world destination you like, you can visit it “inworld” (inside Second Life). 


Zenescope Preview-27.jpg

How do I visit the Zenescope Metaverse -- or any location in Second Life?
Assuming you have already downloaded, installed, and logged in to Second Life then you should be ready to go! 

Once you are logged in, click this link in a separate web browser to get a "Map" that shows the location of the Zenescope Metaverse in the overall virtual world. On this page, select  “Visit this Location”


Once you click on "Visit this location" from the map, your Second Life Viewer will auto-launch and a pop-up “Place Profile” window will appear inside your Viewer - Select the “Teleport” button to travel to your new destination.


During your teleport, you will see an interstitial screen that looks something like this:


After the teleport is complete, you should be at your new destination! It is time to explore!

What is there to do in the Zenescope Metaverse?

There's lots to do here, including games, shopping, chatting...and even a quest. Challenge your friends to a game of Goblin Golf to win trophies. Visit the Hedge Maze and try to find your way out of a massive labyrinth. Embark upon an adventurous quest to score a special prize. Shop for limited-edition collectibles inspired by the heroes, villains, and countless characters you love from the Zenescope universe. There's also several secrets to discover throughout the region - will you discover them all?


My web browser or computer is asking me to grant permission to open and/or run Second Life. Should I accept?

Yes! Some web browsers may give you a popup asking for permission to either install of open the Second Life application. If so,  please accept to proceed. Second Life is safe and malware-free.


My teleport is not working! What do I do?
Sometimes a teleport fails if the destination is offline, private, and/or already at full capacity. If so, you will see a message like this:


In the case of a high-demand location with limited capacity, there is a good chance that the event is already at its maximum attendance.


If this is the case, then you can keep trying to teleport to the location. Once space opens up at the location, you should be able to teleport successfully. 

Please note that some events and locations are popular once they initially open up to the public - so keep trying if you can’t get in on your first try!

Someone is harassing me! How do I get them to stop?
You can block anyone by simply right-clicking on any avatar and then select “Block.” 


You can also block them by selecting their name in the chatbox and right-clicking to select “Block Voice” or “Block Text.”


You can also report abuse inside the Viewer. See this video to learn more.


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