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Giving Thanks for a Wonderful Winterfest!

Delby Linden



What a great event! The week-long Winterfest event, which wrapped up Saturday, December 18th, was the first of what we hope will be many collaborative events with partner communities—and we’re so pleased with the results. From winter sports to live music, Winterfest offered a good time for all.

We especially enjoyed the Residents vs. Lindens snowball fights. We saw some very creative snow weaponry this year! There’s nothing better for a Linden than getting pummeled with snow-fire to remind you of how fun it is to spend time with the Second Life community.

Big Thanks to Everyone Who Made Winterfest Such a Success!

Winterfest would not have been possible without the fabulous people from the Global Online Hockey Association (GOHA), who generously hosted the activities on their six regions. Thank you to the organizers and community of GOHA, who made Winterfest such a wonderful experience and who helped Residents to discover the many delights of the season, including the Maze, Scavenger/Puck Hunt, Snowman Building Contest, and new player training. In particular, we’d like to thank Winterfest organizers Jack Belvedere, Katia Ixtab, Ashlene McMinnar, Marjan Tomba, Dyz Warburton, Kalita Magic, Tangle Giano, Lobo Rodriquez, Janieke Blanchard, and Anhayla Lycia. Special thanks go to Marjan Tomba for the popular new ski jump and Lancelot Skytower for the fantastic balloon tours across the sims.

In addition, we are so pleased that many SL artists, musicians, and DJs donated their time and talents to the event. And thank you, TreetTV, for coming out to support and to help spread the word.

The full list of our thanks can be found on the Winterfest wiki page.

Still Time to Have Wintry Fun!

In case you were so busy with the RL holidays that you missed these SL holiday activities, there’s still time to get in some wintry fun! GOHA is keeping many of the Winterfest activities going in the Chamonix City area, and plans to add even more, based on the great ideas suggested by Winterfest visitors.

Happy holidays to all!



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A huge Snowball of Thanks to all involved.. from the newest Residents to the long-time Lindens, a great time was had by all. The sims are all decked out and there are many quality free items . /me attaches Snow Bazooka and TPs to pellet Jack and crew with best wishes...

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Thank you for the kind words! I'd just like to thank all of Linden Labs, my friends and family at GOHA, our stunning live performers, my bf and GOHA's resident DJ Merrik Caproni, and all the thousands of visitors we've had in the past 2'ish weeks for making this possible and turning this into such a success. I've had an incredible time, definitely a unique experience.

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Hear, hear! My grateful appreciations to each and all who contributed to bring forth the 'fest! I enjoyed seeing the GOHA regions in their early stages, and having so much work culminate in parties like this is tremendous.

I'm so delighted I got to meet so many of you inworld having fun, and that includes eating snow. Between consumption of said frozen water, I took some pictures of the chaos at Thursday's Snowball Fight. Inevitably as time passes, it'll induce fond memories to look back (and before you know it, Winterfest 2011). Click through to see more.


Check out these related threads for many pics taken by your fellow Residents:

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Winterfest was a great event. Many thanks to all that made it happen. It is with sadness I see it end. We need more festivals like this running frequently enough so it seems there is always something to do in SL.

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It was truly a privilege to have been asked to kick off the event. The sims were well packed as was the fresh snow and we all had a great time during the week.


Hats pff to GOHA and LL. Partnerships like this are what makes our world a much brighter place. Well done to all staff and teams as well.


Happy Holidays!


Mankind Tracer

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The Winterfest was great! I had a lot of fun ^.^  and the musicians were so incredibly talented!

Winterfest was a success in every way!

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I am going to go out on a limb here knowing full well this will probably get flagged off, but....

While we all had fun at the Linden-sponsored PG Winterfest event there were also many parties, activities, and concerts held on the other 1/3 of the grid in adult regions. Some were exceptionally creative such as The Nightie Before Christmas party, the Polar Bear Skinny-Dip, Santa's Ho Ho Ho show, and I'm Dreaming of a Zombie Christmas. We know the Lindens will never acknowledge or attend these events but hundreds of residents put in thousands of hours creating them and I think they should be commended as well.

I also encourage Linden Lab to start allowing the adult-rated regions to create mature-rated booths and exhibits for their annual events such as Winterfest, SL8B, and others. So far most adult-rated projects are rejected before applications are even read simply because the name of the location is taboo for Linden Lab.  My Christmas wish this year is for the Lab to grow into a costomer-based company and mature their content views to the level of the residents that built their world.

As a great philosopher once said, "Come on, you do it. You love to do it. We all do it. You do it... I do it, I love to do it. I just did it and I'm ready to do it again, don't tell me you don't do it!" Linden Lab... Just do it!

Happy holidays everyone, love and peace to you all!

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GOHA's six regions used to mean I had a winter spot for 3 months. That's now gone.

Hello Holocluck It's definitely not gone! In fact, based on some great suggestions during the week, we are starting a project to add more fun stuff. One great addition is already underway. The maze will be coming back out where the ski jump is now, with the ski jump moving to Breakaway (the sim to the west) so it can hold more people. We're going to continue many regular activities, and hope you can stop by again.

Thanks again to everyone who attended, the fantastic Winterfest planning crew, GOHA, and Linden Lab for all the fun!

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