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  1. mustangstud wrote: @Ashlene . i have never heard of the V3? Is that a type of CC or? And is it specifically for Holland or? It's 3V Visa, sorry. Regardless, I've found several international sites for them too such as 3vcash.ca for Canada, 3v.ie for Ireland, 3vcard.nl for Netherlands, 3vprepaid.com for the UK I believe so I'm sure there's more. Just google "3V Visa" and it'll show.
  2. V3 Visa has good and trusted prepaid creditcards. Problem is that LL doesn't accept a lot of prepaid creditcards so you'd still have to link the card to PayPal, upload the card each time when needed, potentially still have to convert from Euro to USD before making a purchase through Lindex which may not even be accepted. I too figured I'd use a pre-paid card until I read up on LL's policy for them.
  3. I'm not entirely sure. I think it requires a minimum of 25$ from what I've read from others. The €30 I used came to $40'ish when converted. As for keeping your PayPal saldo up, I would. I know years ago once you'd linked your PayPal, any L$ purchase would just be withdrawn from your bank automatically but that usually takes some days. You get your L$ instantly but the transfer between LindenLabs to PayPal and then PayPal to your bank takes some days. The risk there is that if it coincides with bills or whatnot and PayPal can't withdraw the amount, you'll start building up a debt with PayP
  4. This is for people wanting to link Second Life to their PayPal, without the use of a creditcard, in order to buy L$ from the Lindex. If you don't wish to use PayPal at all then this won't help you find alternatives. I've noticed that a lot of people, mostly outside of the US, are still having trouble getting their PayPal account linked to Second Life without adding a creditcard. I played with it earlier today and posted a sort of tutorial in another topic for Dutch people but I will post here as well incase it may help anyone else. Mind you, it's directed to Dutch PayPal users but perhaps t
  5. Okay so, I took the chance today and got my Dutch PayPal succesfully attached to my Second Life account and bought L$ through Lindex. What I had to do was as follows; 1: Make sure your PayPal account is verified and linked to your bank account. 2: Add approx. €25,- to your PayPal account. (I added €30,- via Money2 & iDeal, only took a minute to update my PayPal balance, not days!) 3. Log back into Paypal. 4: Once the amount is added to your PayPal, click "Valutaomrekenfunctie". (On the top right side of the box that shows your PayPal balance on your main page). 5: On the left side you
  6. Due to the recent ToS changes I'm forced to add a creditcard to my paypal account, eventhough I'm verified with my bank. As stated in other topics; "Often the initial agreement can't be set up due to an unverified PayPal account. To use your PayPal account with Linden Lab, it must be verified and have a credit card on file as a backup funding source. Linden Lab does not accept e-check (bank account) payments through PayPal because they cannot be processed quickly enough to match the instant delivery of virtual goods and services. Therefore, we require that you have a credit card on fi
  7. If you still want to participate in the SL economy there are only a few options left: - Use the Lindex (with your credit card or your verified paypal account). When it is your aim to stay anonymous at any cost, the future black market is your only option. Actually, you need both a verified paypal account AND a linked creditcard in order to use paypal for Lindex. I saw your earlier comment that you only need a verified account and hit "use my account to" but this will still prompt you to log in to paypal and add a creditcard. There are no other options. It seems that LL will only
  8. Worked fine for me by clicking the "PC" link rather than the "Starter Vehicle Pack". I didn't receive any L$ though so not sure what's up with that.
  9. Thank you for the kind words! I'd just like to thank all of Linden Labs, my friends and family at GOHA, our stunning live performers, my bf and GOHA's resident DJ Merrik Caproni, and all the thousands of visitors we've had in the past 2'ish weeks for making this possible and turning this into such a success. I've had an incredible time, definitely a unique experience.
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