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  1. GOHA's six regions used to mean I had a winter spot for 3 months. That's now gone. Hello Holocluck It's definitely not gone! In fact, based on some great suggestions during the week, we are starting a project to add more fun stuff. One great addition is already underway. The maze will be coming back out where the ski jump is now, with the ski jump moving to Breakaway (the sim to the west) so it can hold more people. We're going to continue many regular activities, and hope you can stop by again. Thanks again to everyone who attended, the fantastic Winterfest planning crew, GOHA, and Linden L
  2. Hey Morphy I had a lot of comments on the maze and it was quite popular, so my intention is to find a permanent place for it out there. The area behind the rink wasn't ideal for long term. We're doing some remodeling of the areas based on feature requests and suggestions. For instance, the ski jump is extremely popular, and we're going to move it to an area that can accommodate more people (the sim it's currently on, Offsides, is a homestead connecting to the mainland). There's some other fantastic suggestions we're looking into seriously and expect to add in the near future.
  3. Winterfest is wrapping up tonight. Thanks to all who attended and helped celebrate the season! The best part was meeting so many SL residents. I don't always get out much and forget sometimes how many great folks there are around. I'm glad to have had the chance to meet so many of you and hope you all enjoyed it. I want to publicly thank some folks who helped make this a fantastic time. Winterfest organizers Katia Ixtab, Ashlene McMinnar, Marjan Tomba, Dyz Warburton, Kalita Magic, Tangle Giano, Lobo Rodriquez, Janieke Blanchard, and Anhayla Lycia for helping organize the many activities such
  4. The snowball fight today was so packed that we all briefly killed a sim! So, we've adjusted the plans to actually hold it on 3 sims. For tomorrow's snowball fight at 8AM please try the following SLurls. Try using the map as well, because there were numerous scattered fights going on all over. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Empty%20Net/153/137/63 http://slurl.com/secondlife/Cross%20Check/197/158/60 http://slurl.com/secondlife/Breakaway/89/114/22 Thanks and hope to see you there!
  5. The traditional snowball fights will happen (yay!) and are planned for the following dates and times, but subject to change. The final schedule should be coming out soon. Lindens vs Residents Snowball Fights THURSDAY, DECEMBER 16TH-- 4:00 PM FRIDAY, DECEMBER 17TH-- 8:00 AM
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