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  1. you can try Body Language by Sweet Lovely Cute they have very cute and unique animations!
  2. Awesome! ♥ Thank you for the bears! ^.^ I'll be glad to be there to spread the love! Happy Valentine's Day!
  3. Welcome to Second Life Rod!
  4. The Winterfest was great! I had a lot of fun ^.^ and the musicians were so incredibly talented! Winterfest was a success in every way!
  5. I installed the new beta ( and I dont see the option for display names under my profile tab, do I need to do something to activate it? also can you please bring back local lights? the world is not the same without them
  6. Welcome Kim! :-) As you can see we are a very mixed community, and thats a good thing! creativity flows in every direction! we have plenty of resources you can use, roleplay communities, subcultures, education, landscape and fashion arts, and of course all those little things that happen in between, like romances, and people who find a spiritual path through here. we are as dark and beautiful as humanity itself, that's what you get when you give the users powerful tools and plenty of freedom!
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