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  1. I was blocked on 3 sides in a marina there. Also not an hour ago I was flying east from an undeveloped SSP sim into a region over homes. I was suddenly bounced WEST to a far sim on the continent! Didn't know an orb could do that but it sure didn't give me the 2 seconds or less needed to pass their stupid property. Hoping the orbs are set with a minimum of time. What would be best is if they were set only to warn if the user lingers over the property beyond 3-4 seconds. That should certainly cover avatar or vehicles flying overhead or cutting a corner.
  2. ~ BOLLYWOOD PARTY WITH CARTER DENJA! ~ Put on your silks & Saris and join Hearts & Souls team at the Starship Diner for a memorable set of Bollywood and Indian favorites! All tips benefit Relay For Life. Help us stamp out cancer! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hydrangea/69/192/73
  3. I cannot find anything like this on the marketplace with any applicable key words. I know a couple of places in SL which use such a script but the creator moved all their scripts to the marketplace, the marketplace changed, and there's nothing from them. I reckon they haven't been back to SL for a very long time. This is what it does: Put objects (copiable virtual drink items) and script into prim. When the prim is clicked, the person selects a drink. The script sends one to everyone with a message of whom it is from. I'll assume it's sending to everyone within a radius on a parcel? Couldn't say. I'd like something like that for a place of mine. Not looking to profit from its use, just a casual hangout. Thanks for any leads. Holocluck
  4. I saved the weekend. It ended Monday night in a movie theatre <seasonpass> No TV and miraculously didn't miss a thing </seasonpass>
  5. ** Coming up at 12:30pm today Sunday ** Electro-Swing by DJ Holocluck at Shotgun Row Gallery Café in New Toulouse. 1910-30 style apparel welcome but not mandatory Come get your swing on! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/New%20Toulouse/225/184/23
  6. ** Happening now! ** Vintage & faux vintage Jazz by DJ Holocluck at Shotgun Row Gallery Café in New Toulouse. 1910-30s style attire welcome but not mandatory http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/New%20Toulouse/225/184/23
  7. It's time to party in Nova Albion! Come to the haunted house on Nova Pier, where DJ Holocluck is playing spooky holoday tunes! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sistiana/234/103/25
  8. At Noon SLT RFL ADvocacy presents *NO SPEAK ENGLISH* with DJ Holocluck Henly at Madhu's Café! 2 hours of world pop! Come fight the fight & dance to some great tunes! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Witchwoods/151/144/30
  9. Thanks Chic. Never would have thought about Corel. I'll check it out. Moviola is what film editors used before video. Depending on the model you can run multiple strips of film and multiple strips of soundtrack. You'd make notes on the exact frames to cut and splice together for either type. I'm very oldschool. I majored in character animation in the 70s and experimented with super8mm and 16mm film.
  10. I have an old PC with VISTA, 32bit 4gb RAM, can get away with software requiring 3ghz. I'm not here though to be critiqued over my hardware :) but to give some background and look for advice on an ideal video editor as Windows Movie Maker falls far short of my needs. I have FRAPS and I filmed about 80 clips from which maybe half will be used for a machinima. Looking at what's out there ACS4you seems to be easy to handle and not such a resource hog. Also seems to save in higher quality without jumping through too many hoops. What I'm looking for is: 1. something which easily allows one to copy or cut film from the timeline place it 2. something which works like a moviola in which I can see multiple clips and intercut them (for instance 2 clips with the same animation and there's no interruption to the movement). Oh and cheap. Not looking to spend hundreds of dollars. I got ahold of an older Adobe Premiere but it's too heavy handed and generated errors during export. Thanks for your suggestions
  11. Jolie Femme had exactly what I needed. These are great! Thanks so much for sharing. I may still check out the other places
  12. Yes, in a MMORPG game I play I tried to cam out of habit. Not usually but a couple of times I copped a move from one of the MOCAP dances I own.
  13. I'm looking for eyes whose cornea don't fill up so much of the space. I also don't want them too small that they're beady. I've seen different sizes at a place my friend recommended but am looking for something with less reflection and less shading on the white of the eye. Do other eye makers offer different cornea sizes as well? Thanks!
  14. Thanks all. How ironic. I saw Carter - Madhu had a simple display over a full blown receiver and that's why I'm here. Just wished I knew how to make it display null if my stream is off.
  15. All I want is to have hovertext of the parcel's current song and artist. I don't want a radio tuner, which is everywhere I look. I don't even need a station name. Just "Now Playing" and the two lines. I pored through parameters on wiki sites and don't see any for just displaying that info. Is it harder than it sounds? Thanks!
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