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  1. Half the fun will be how people marked their scorecards Can add next time: "Spoken with a Linden" and "hung out with friends at a Mole/LDPW location".
  2. Awesome sauce @Patch Linden Maybe water route to SS Galaxy and pier stops around Bellisseria? And a transcontinental route from Sansara to Jeugeot? Once Yavanna is well and ready. It is time for rest and continued convalescence with our added wishes for her recovery.
  3. Want to point out that tour buses and rail lines are privately run in RL as well. btw you know someone is lying when they claim they've seen pods running unoccupied today. They haven't since last week. That's what started this thread *womp womp*
  4. Is that what you got from it? hmmm. @Qie Niangao The pods don't perceptibly impact regions. Also the value of making connections to other pod routes at places or catching the next one after a bad region crash have proven valuable. That doesn't even factor in when people are curious and hop on. They take two passengers, so we're happy when an empty one comes along; earlier this week in Satori we had to wait for another going our way. Spent time checking something out nearby that we noticed from a previous pod ride. btw this afternoon someone hopped onto my railcar for a bit. If anyone te
  5. The pods ARE running. Just on rez and sit at stations. I broke down the instant loss we've experienced, with her three ferry service routes to follow.
  6. A decade ago those awful Otooles dominated the routes, and I truly mean dominated. They shoved riders off roads and into banlines. They shot at people (one of them was a tank). They could be noisy (an ice cream truck). They lumbered around the roads like a drunk uncle. And there would sometimes be more than one within view along a region (drove my friend bonkers; he owned half a region with protected road going thru and there would be a veritable parade of the things). AND they each had 18-20 scripts in them, sucking the resources out of the region. Also they hawked product. Compare that wi
  7. LDPW doesn't have ticketing but land issues have a ticketing system. Or maybe it was an AR? As for rez-only option, pod users are finding this to be a challenge right now. 1. First, many touring ones are long range and leaving off, either at a place of interest or a landmarked location to continue is no longer possible. a. A pod would wait until, for instance, 20 and 50 past the hour at a mole island pier while you explored. Now it disappears when you get out and there is no 'next pod' to resume the tour. b. Some full length tours take several hours, with a few traversing over more
  8. There are a GREAT number of residents who explore mainland via the pods. The thing is they've evolved into an elaborate network, and avid riders have enjoyed making connections to visit other areas by meeting up with other pods. Or they left you at an island or area of interest where in 20-30 minutes you could continue your journey with the next scheduled pod. Now this won't be possible. Also if there is a bad region crossing there isn't another pod to follow. Once there is a crash you're done.
  9. I was blocked on 3 sides in a marina there. Also not an hour ago I was flying east from an undeveloped SSP sim into a region over homes. I was suddenly bounced WEST to a far sim on the continent! Didn't know an orb could do that but it sure didn't give me the 2 seconds or less needed to pass their stupid property. Hoping the orbs are set with a minimum of time. What would be best is if they were set only to warn if the user lingers over the property beyond 3-4 seconds. That should certainly cover avatar or vehicles flying overhead or cutting a corner.
  10. ~ BOLLYWOOD PARTY WITH CARTER DENJA! ~ Put on your silks & Saris and join Hearts & Souls team at the Starship Diner for a memorable set of Bollywood and Indian favorites! All tips benefit Relay For Life. Help us stamp out cancer! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hydrangea/69/192/73
  11. I cannot find anything like this on the marketplace with any applicable key words. I know a couple of places in SL which use such a script but the creator moved all their scripts to the marketplace, the marketplace changed, and there's nothing from them. I reckon they haven't been back to SL for a very long time. This is what it does: Put objects (copiable virtual drink items) and script into prim. When the prim is clicked, the person selects a drink. The script sends one to everyone with a message of whom it is from. I'll assume it's sending to everyone within a radius on a parcel? Couldn't
  12. I saved the weekend. It ended Monday night in a movie theatre <seasonpass> No TV and miraculously didn't miss a thing </seasonpass>
  13. ** Coming up at 12:30pm today Sunday ** Electro-Swing by DJ Holocluck at Shotgun Row Gallery Café in New Toulouse. 1910-30 style apparel welcome but not mandatory Come get your swing on! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/New%20Toulouse/225/184/23
  14. ** Happening now! ** Vintage & faux vintage Jazz by DJ Holocluck at Shotgun Row Gallery Café in New Toulouse. 1910-30s style attire welcome but not mandatory http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/New%20Toulouse/225/184/23
  15. It's time to party in Nova Albion! Come to the haunted house on Nova Pier, where DJ Holocluck is playing spooky holoday tunes! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sistiana/234/103/25
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