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Second Life Destinations: Nour

Linden Lab


This week’s video transports you to Nour, where you can find domed stone buildings, ornate and colorful rugs, and a mysterious sense of calm on a bed of golden sand.

This desert oasis was built by Camila Runo, who explains that “Nour means Light of the Desert… Surrounded by huge dunes of desert sand in the west and the wide, crystal-blue ocean in the east, Nour seems to be secluded and difficult to reach.”

Like many of us during this difficult time of social isolation, Camila found herself yearning for the experience of traveling to new places and seeing the world’s cultures. To quench that desire, she created this elegant region that looks like it could be from the set of Indiana Jones or Aladdin. In fact, she did find inspiration in “the tales of Aladdin, Ali Baba and the 40 thieves, and Sinbad the Sailor,” describing Nour as “A place that makes people dream, indulging themselves in a colorful fantasy of one of Scheherazade's wonderful tales.”

The mesmerizing belly dancing, performed by Bollycoco, adds to the romantic undertones of Nour’s atmosphere. Camila describes the flow of visitors (some of them roleplayers) that come to Nour as filled with “Traders, travelers, dancers, snake charmers, Bedouins: they all add color to the town, as the omnipresent strains of oriental music and the scent of the rarest spices do.”

Don’t forget to take a camel ride, and the baths and fountains provide the perfect place for quiet contemplation. You may very well end up spending hours here, as this region will make you feel as if time has stopped. Let the heat slow you down and take in the beautiful surroundings at Nour today.



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