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Second Life Destinations: Wonderland

Linden Lab


A whimsical and surreal adventure awaits any curious traveler who arrives at Wonderland.

Creators Nips and Lucifer Alpha compressed a stunning amount of detail into a relatively small region, with Nips describing their  stylistic goals as “vivid colors, dense, lush landscaping, and splashes of inexplicable whimsy.”

This quality over quantity approach to space has fostered a disarming vibe conducive to intimacy, with many Residents staying for hours and often coming back with friends. It’s like they distilled the allure of a trendy coffeeshop and the serenity of a sculpture garden; Wonderland embraces the spectacular while deftly omitting any source of intimidation.

 Part of what makes Wonderland’s environment so welcoming is a great balance of open space and shelter under luminous trees, tall mushrooms, or other fanciful structures. In fact, Nips says that the many romantic nooks are quickly becoming popular date spots for couples.

Exploration of the sky above will lead to many photogenic floating islands with varying themes, and keep an eye out for a flying whale! Wonderland has some humorous details as well, with Easter eggs from beloved films like Hook, Shrek, and maybe more for meticulous observers.

In keeping with SL’s sense of community, Wonderland’s creation was a hugely collaborative effort, with Nips and Lucifer Alpha sourcing content from some of the best creators and artists in SL. They would like to express gratitude to LOVE, HPMD, Boudoir, Bryn Oh, Mistero Hifeng, and Curio Obscura for helping to make the place what it is. 

Whether you have just a moment or all the time in the world, stopping by Wonderland is an absolute must.



Video Production: Draxtor Despres

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