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Second Life to Expand Support & Reduce Prices for Education & Nonprofits

Linden Lab



We’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about how Second Life can help organizations, events, and conferences continue to safely and efficiently operate during the coronavirus outbreak. 

Many individuals and organizations are being affected by this unprecedented public health crisis, and we recognize that Second Life can provide an important and valuable way for people to stay in touch with their friends and co-workers amidst new social distancing protocols, mandated remote work requirements, and other precautionary measures.

New, Deeper Discount Rate for Education & Nonprofits
One of the first things we’ve implemented to help is a reduction in pricing to a flat $99/month per region to qualified accredited nonprofit or educational institutions. Effective immediately, this limited-time price reduction is applicable to any new or added regions including renewals of existing regions. The time to take advantage of this new offer is limited, but for those education/nonprofits that qualify and take advantage of it then the newly-reduced US$99/month fee will remain in place after the offer expires as long as the organization invoicing remains current. Please contact business@lindenlab.com if you have more specific questions or would like to learn more about the discount. See our Terms & Conditions for more information.* 

How Can We Help?
We’re also here to assist you if your organization is exploring options in Second Life for new remote solutions for conferences, events or classes. Our support team is standing by to answer questions about how to get quickly started with a new private or public meeting or event space in Second Life. 

How Can I Get Started?


  1. Get background information on Second Life enterprise, remote meeting and education services on our new micro-site and related FAQ.
  2. Reach out to business@lindenlab.com to discuss pricing and we’ll help you walk through the process. Options range from do-it-yourself to turnkey virtual meeting space solutions.
  3. Some organizations may want to customize how their employees interact with Second Life via a customized and branded sign-up process that brings participants directly to the virtual world meeting location upon the first login. Contact us to learn about whether this and other customized options are right for your organization. 
  4. If you are an eligible educational organization or nonprofit, you may qualify for a discount, too. Make sure to ask when you contact us! 


  1. If you are a first-timer in Second Life, you’ll want to start by creating a free Second Life account and downloading the Second Life Viewer.
  2. You’ll have the option to select an avatar that you wish to represent your digital identity. Participants can select from a variety of identities from human to non-human and a wide range of attire.
  3. Once you log in to Second Life, you may want to explore a bit to learn the basics of the virtual world. Check out our Support portal or our New User Tutorial videos for help. You may also want to explore a bit before attending your first virtual meeting or event. There are thousands of 3D locations in Second Life - browse the Destination Guide to get familiar with Second Life.
  4. When you are ready to attend your company meeting or event, click on the link provided by your employer to “teleport” and virtually visit the 3D meeting location. 

*  Terms & Conditions: Any accredited educational institution or organization with a 501(c)(3) charitable non-profit tax status is eligible for a discount. Limited-time $99/month pricing (billed annually or quarterly) is available to qualified organizations who are purchasing new Regions or renewing their existing Regions. Discount is not retro-active or applicable to pre-paid Regions. See our Terms & Conditions for full details.

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