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Love Made in Second Life: Meet Ruby & Adam

Linden Lab


Last year, we debuted “Love Made in Second Life” -- a limited-time series that explores the true stories of real people who met and found love inside the virtual world Second Life.

A whole season of new episodes is already in production for this year -- and the first new edition of 2020 debuts just in time for Valentine’s Day!

Meet Adam and Ruby - two Residents who met four years ago at the Sexy Brits club in Knightsbridge within the London Sim in Second Life. Strangely enough, it was a song request that brought them together! At the club, Ruby noticed that one of her favorite songs “Crucify My Love” by X-Japan had been requested -- so she had to find out who was behind it.

“I had to know!” she says.

When told it was Adam, she was surprised as she had assumed that his avatar was just a bot. So, she reached out to him in chat.

“I thought it wasn’t really a person because he was dancing in the same corner all the time,” says Ruby. “I absolutely thought he was a bot!... I never would have started talking to him if it wasn’t for that song.”

Ruby and Adam dancing3.png

Pictured: Ruby and Adam dancing to music in Second Life.

“It all started with a message and soon we became good friends and we both started chatting, spending every-time longer and longer together,” she says. “We reached a point we would be talking both in video chat on Skype and Second Life all day long. Six months later, Christmas was approaching and I traveled from my country, Spain, to the UK just to spend our first Christmas together. We really did click together and what was supposed to be just two weeks, never finished.”

Adds Adam: “When I met [her] it was like a gift from God...she is perfect!”.

Ruby & Adam RL casting pic (1).jpg

Pictured: Adam and Ruby

What happened next? As we’ve seen with some previous couples featured in our series, there was a decision to take a leap of faith to find love.  

“I left everything - literally, everything behind, and moved to his house. Years have passed and we're going strong, looking forward to doing new stuff together.” 

With all these love stories, should Second Life be considered a dating app?

“It is not a dating app,” says Ruby. However, she does think that SL offers a unique way for people to meet that goes deeper than many popular apps. “With avatars, we jump over the social expectations and social constructs that allow you to be yourself.”

Video production courtesy of Draxtor Despres

Love Made in SL.png

Logo courtesy of Marianne McCann

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