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Second Life Destinations: Cica Ghost - Donkeys

Linden Lab



Second Life is filled with many different types of experiences to explore. Artists have always found it as a means to express their creativity through many forms. Sound, sculpture, immersive events, prose, and many other forms of artistic expression are all possible within SL.

One of the most prolific artists on the Grid is Cica Ghost - whose installments have intrigued Residents and given them food for thought over the years. These limited run installations have been whimsical, fantastical, silly, and much more.

Cica is back with a new experience - simply titled “Donkeys”. Delightful donkeys and other creatures inhabit this scenic island - perfect for pictures, adventure, and the highlight of this week’s destination guide video.

Visit Donkeys before it disappears. 

Be sure to share your pics on the Second Life Official Flickr group.

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