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It's Time for an #SL16B #SecondLifeChallenge!

Xiola Linden


It's no secret that SL16B has kicked off and it's been an awesome two days so far. There is so much to do! If you're looking for some direction on what to check out where and when - visit the blog post we made yesterday at launch. 

We have been having a blast making our way through the exhibits, Music Faire, shopping, and so much more. Strawberry Linden and Xiola Linden decided to pose a Second Life Challenge to you - pick up your free party hat at the welcome area and take videos and/or pictures of you and your friends wearing your hats. Share them with us on social using #sl16b and #SecondLifeChallenge - it's that easy!

To participate:

  • Grab your FREE party favor bag at the welcome area of SL16B
  • Unpack your SL16B Hat, Flag & Lanyard v1.0 package
  • Put your hat on and go enjoy the festivities!
  • Take pics and/or videos of you and/or your friends in the hats
  • Share your pics on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram using the hashtags #SL16B and #SecondLifeChallenge
  • Submit your pic to our Official Flickr pools for Second Life Official and Second Life Challenge - Official using the hashtags #SL16B and #SecondLifeChallenge


Strawberry Linden, Xiola Linden, and Sticks the Fish, taking in the sights and sounds of #SL16B.

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