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Love Made in SL: Meet Sonya and Phox

Linden Lab


oPc0LfaQ.jpegPictured: Phox and Sonya

Communities play such a huge part in our lives when it comes to finding our support systems, friends, social outlets, and even love. They help match us with people who have similar interests, spiritual and/or life philosophies, and in some cases fandoms and special interests.

In the case of Sonya and Phox - two once-strangers who came into Second Life looking for different things - it was a community of role-players that led them to one another. Phox was looking for an active online furry community and found pictures of Second Life furries that led him to sign up, and Sonya was looking to try something new and outside of her comfort zone.

There first “in person” meeting included a boat ride with her parents! You can watch a virtual re-enactment of that trip in the video.


“To anyone looking for love in Second Life … when you’re not looking for it that’s when it’s gonna find you,” says Sonya. “It’ll find you twice as hard.”

Sonya who now shares her life with her husband, Phox, and their adorable first born child.

“Don’t be afraid to meet people” adds Phox.

To learn more about Phox and Sonya’s  story, watch the latest episode of “Love Made in SL” below.


Part of this episode were filmed at The Arabesque Cafe - a Region that was built in tribute to the Kingdom of Sand role-playing Region that Phox and Sonya first met. You can visit it below.


Did you miss an episode of “Love Made in SL”? Catch up on the entire series on our YouTube channel.


Video production: Draxtor Despres
Love made in SL logo: Marianne McCann

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